Lost the buy box during the Christmas period in toy and games


I have an important and longer question regarding the selling during the peak period and to win the buy box.

I do ship my items from my location to the customers and I´m not using FBA.
In the past you had to qualify for the selling during the Christmas period in the category “toys and games”.

The base was the ODR. When you haven´t had the needed percent rate in the weeks before NOV 1st, than you were not qualified and you could not sell in the categorie “toys and games”. First after the New Years Eve.

Since the last two years, there was a change.
There was no qualification needed any longer, but in my case, I was simply dropped off to win the buy box from Nov 1st until Dec 31 for all my marketplaces in the category “toys and games”

My ODR was always less than 1% (which was the criteria before that change), and I have no idea why this has happend.

Also my featured offer rate was always in the range of 10% during the regular year, so I was eligible to win the buy box in the category “toys and games”, but also this was cut off to 0% beginning from Nov 1st until Dec 31, BUT only in “toys and games”!

Has anybody had same experiences in the last two years in the Christmas period for the category “toys and games”?
And if so, was there any starting point or solution, which had changed this?

Thanks in advance!


I am not a toy seller anymore (3+ years) so don’t have a good answer for you but just wanted to say welcome.
My wild guess is the inundation of imported FBA toys with large advertising budgets pushing non holiday/non-fba items off pages?? Just a random thought on this topic.