[Marketplace Pulse] Amazon Paused Global Expansion in 2023


2023 is going to be the first skipped year since. Belgium was the last new marketplace in October 2022.


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Maybe Amazon has decided that they have enough drop shippers. :grinning:

Or enough Nigerian lottery scams.

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Amazon will finally launch in South Africa in early 2024; the company has already started recruiting sellers for the marketplace. The other countries are likely on pause

So Colombia, Nigeria, and Chile “on pause”.

:thinking: Wondering if it’s related to international shipping issues/FBA costs coming out of 2022? Because if they were already recruiting 6 months out for Sellers in SA, then the decisions not launch in Feb-Apr 2023 were made in 2022. They might have decided that logistics for country-embedded FCs/DCs were too costly. Just a thought…

You’re being funny, but I did wonder about crime rate for two of those countries specifically.

South Africa ranks 3rd worldwide for crime index. :flushed:

  • South Africa 76.86
  • (Brazil 67.49 < I believe is the highest of current Amazon Marketplaces)
  • Nigeria 64.06
  • Colombia 56.87
  • Chile 53.42
  • (United States 47.81)
  • (Japan 22.19 < I believe is the lowest of current Amazon Marketplaces)
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