[Marketplace Pulse] US Seller Market Share on Amazon Hits Record Low

Less than 50% of Sellers on Amazon.com are US Sellers


I would argue that the number of true US based sellers has not changed much, but now with Amazon requirements, the Wyoming Shell Corporations that foreign sellers were spinning up to hide are no longer working due to insurance, utility bill, and other requirements.


I think you have a lot that got suspended or gave up. The Chinese are ruthless in their competition and are a game of wack a mole. We have known this for years. It also sadly costs them less to ship to US FBA warehouses then it does for US residents.


Seller ratings has us at: ranked 5,484th overall

2017-2019 we were around 500…It’s a sloooow death.


:crazy_face: [sarcasm] I’m finally in a minority group! [/sarcasm]


I’m afraid to even look.

2015 we were probably in the same range, it’s been a long slow death for us since.

My numbers now are what they were the first 2 months I was selling on Amazon.

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Foreign sellers in general will get suspended, and just make a new account without a second thought.

exactly my point, Remember when the ASIN spread sheet got leaked?

Yepper - and Wyoming’s Secretary of State, along with certain of its legislators, have once again taken notice of the problems inherent with the so-called “Cowboy Cocktail”:

It remains to be seen whether or not such rumblings & saber-rattlings have any better effect than did those undertaken a dozen years back…which eventually prompted Congressional bills that died in committee…

Where can you find this information?

I’m fairly certain that our friend @Sundance is referring to a Marketplace Pulse feature found here:


In most of their articles, Marketpulse is using their estimates of Amazon numbers, not the actual numbers.

Keep that in mind before your emotions run wild.

Also consider that a pathetic business for a US seller may be a lifeline for a seller based in Turkey or some other more mismanaged and corrupt country.




This type of scrutiny and reputation is why it’s still better to form Delaware corporations (IMO) if privacy is a concern. The laws there are also good, and annual fees are higher, but Delaware has a good reputation. What you don’t want if you’re opening a bunch of shell corporations is people looking into them because they deem them as suspicious. And if Wyoming has that reputation it increases the odds your company faces additional scrutiny if it’s registered there.


Honestly, everyone (bit and small) registers in DE, your observation is not bad

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Exactly, and when it comes to Amazon it’s always best to blend in as much as possible. Being scrutinized is a problem in itself because at that point they may have already decided that they won’t accept any documentation you provide.

The best way to pass any kind of seller performance review is to not do anything to cause one to begin with.

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I’m curious… Searching this just pulls up our assortment and star rating / feedback count.

Is there a way to search rank without scrolling through this list that doesn’t go beyond 2500?

That site is ranked purely on feedback count, which some sellers manipulate.
Looks like you need over 100 feedback in the last 30 days to “qualify” for the list.


Hold on a second…

Seller rank is based on the number of positive reviews received during the last 30 days.

Of course this is an indication of volume but certainly not $