Maybe coming soon to Amazon?

We’re happy to share some exciting news: Walmart Marketplace has launched a shipping restrictions feature that lets you list previously blocked items on site! This means you can now add commercial and legal shipping restrictions for specific regions to allow the sale of goods that were previously restricted in all states.

Getting started is easy! Simply input restrictions during item setup in Seller Center and via API for the following categories:

  • Animal Other
  • Beauty, Personal Care & Hygiene
  • Furniture
  • Garden & Patio
  • Home Decor, Kitchen & Other
  • Land Vehicles
  • Large Appliances
  • Sports & Recreation Other
  • Vehicle Other
  • Vehicle Parts & Accessories

Heads up: If you’d like to add items listed in additional categories, you’ll need to publish them on Seller Center, and the state restrictions will be automatically applied.

Take advantage of this opportunity to help grow your business by offering increased SKU options for your customers and incremental GMV for your business!

Thanks for your business,
The Walmart Marketplace team


Just received the email.
Very happy about it

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It of course doesn’t apply to us, but it’s interesting that they tore the bandaid off first.

Walmart used to have the state restrictions, at least for DSV sellers, as far back as 2017 (when I started to seller restricted products on Walmart. I had been a seller for about a year by then)

It was easy, create the support case, get the useless answer, complain two times, it got escalated.

At the beginning of the pandemic they shifted many products from the DSV program to the marketplace. All the shipping templates were lost. For a while it was possible to implement shipping restrictions via shipping templates, not by excluding states, but by adding a freight up to $199.99. So for instance I sell a product that is restricted in CA and NJ, I had every state of the lower 48 with free shipping, except those two states, with a freight of $199.99. That worked well for about a year, year and change, and then the bots began to think and close listings.

That product is dead, but with the current change maybe I’ll be able to revive it. Hope so too, because it was hazmat, so I paid a small fortune for the WERCs review…

Later on, the wallybots have been targeting products where the freight is higher than the item. So I sell items that are $4-6, but hazmat. So they need to be shipped ground/parcel select. Shipping is at least $9.99. The bots have been knocking them down because shipping > product cost :man_facepalming:
If I switch the freight and the cost, then they would complain that the product is more expensive than in other marketplaces (sounds familiar? :woozy_face:)


Btw thank you for moving this to the correct category :wink: @Pepper_Thine_Angus

No problem! It’s going to take all of us a while to get used to, way longer then the NSFE will take to get used to


I think that we will tinker with the categories as we go along, but since we are no longer bound to Amazon, I do believe that as a group we can certainly further enrich out collective know-how of online sales


Also now that we are on our own forum now, I think we can finally reveal that “the bay” was always referring to eBay!

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With its own subcategory


Which is honestly where most of my experience is. I am glad it has its own place now.


Was there ever an official “ban” on saying ebay? I thought it was funny and rolled with it!


About 99.99% certain there was no ban.

Just weren’t supposed to devote threads to the topic.


Yeah, I think it was more of a tongue-in-cheek thing, as to not offended the mods by so “blatantly” talking about it.

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I assumed Collinsport, for obvious reasons.


Speaking of Walmart… We finally shipped our first shipment to WFS yesterday. Only took almost 3 months to straighten everything out.

We will be happy with 5-7% of what we do on Amazon there and then grow steadily.


I hope that 2023 starts to turn around

Walmart currently is the worst of the “big three” l for me (amazon, eBay and then Walmart at a very distant third) I’m probably leapfrogging them this year with my Shopify.

The problem with Walmart is that their brand is killing me. And I’ve tried ti set advertisement, but it keeps having an “internal error”. I imagine the internal error is them not wanting me to actually advertise against them.

In any case, rants over and I’m really happy for you. You’ll do much more than 5-7%, your products are ideal for Walmart.
We have a small community of Wally-sellers, you, shoepeople, image, maintank, myself.


Look what Amazon has finally decided to deal with

January 31, 2023

Custom products no longer eligible for returns

Starting February 15, 2023, custom and personalized products purchased on Amazon will no longer be eligible for returns.

We know it can be difficult to accept returns of customized products as they may be hard to reuse or resell. This policy makes it clear to customers that their customized product purchases are final and saves you from manually authorizing returns requests.

Custom products ineligible for returns include those that are made to order or personalized with names, designs, or inscriptions. For more information on product customization, go to Amazon Custom.


I also sell on Walmart.


We have a bigger community!
I don’t know if maybe @Old-Timer is also in Wally!


We are on Wally.