MCF Fee Increase Average 3.5%

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2024 fulfilment fees for Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders

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On mobile and I can’t remember my sc password to enter on the browser pop up :confused:

Found it … your covered


Just used MCF out of convenience 2 hours ago.

.3lb tiny package - $10.69. When MCF became a thing a couple years ago, this would have been maybe $5 and now it’s going up again. wow

Why doesn’t Amazon just say “we screwed up and don’t want to do this anymore because not enough people are using it and it’s a disruption to our ordinary operations”

Our order was to go to CA and it would have been $2 cheaper to do it ourselves from NY through Shopify. There’s plenty of inventory in nearby CA FC’s of this ASIN. It’s going to Ontario CA…

I created the order at 1PM EST. Amazon shipped it half an hour ago.

Is it worth $2 to pick and pack it up and drive it to the PO or UPS? Not at today’s fuel prices.

We will still use it but it doesn’t feel as good as it used to.


I’ve seen brand owners’ own websites where instead of having their own storefront they post links to buy on Amazon. Probably because the referral fee + FBA fee is cheaper than the MCF fee.

No, that’s probably the newer “Buy With Prime” initiative that Amazon is pushing. Amazon is probably trying to achieve a more seamless way of doing MCF.

You are right though. My example above would have cost $7.89 - $2.80 cheaper with BWP. I never really gave it much thought but MCF used to be cheaper than all the fees.

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Makes sense, they basically want store owners to be dependent on Amazon so that Amazon de facto owns their stores as well.

You need a lot of volume to run your own fulfillment operation, Amazon knows this and offers a solution that gives them a lot of control over people’s businesses.


Yup but there are people that don’t want to buy from Amazon. They are rare but do exist.

I’d rather get the sale DTC, make a little less $ and ship it from Amazon in plain packaging without the use of their smile van. Better than no sale at all I think…

That’s why my order was $10.69. Would have been $8 if I let them use their van / box/bag.

I personally don’t like ordering supplements from FBA because I don’t trust how they handle the products (and that FDA loophole we recently discussed adds onto that reasoning). I wouldn’t be too happy if I ordered from a mfg website and they had the product shipped from FBA. So probably a good idea to not have a smile van deliver it.

Ultimately the idea behind your own website is you hope to get enough sales where it’s a real business that you control. But getting there’s ain’t easy.


You’re not kidding. Hundreds of thousands of orders on Amazon vs. maybe 100 total for our website. :rofl:

The standard shipping rate with MCF also means you don’t get a tracking number for days… So if you sold your item elsewhere, your customer is left hanging, unless you pay even more for their expedited service.

I wouldn’t mind going standard if I could get tracking in 24-48 hours. But for now it’s become useless to me.

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That’s the other reason why we choose 2 day and pay that extra fee…

No tracking number to hand back to the buyer for days is a non-starter in 2023 or 2001…

If you choose and pay for the 2 day. You’ll have your tracking number usually within a few hours which still sucks but it’s workable. The nice thing about Shopify is you can mark the order as fulfilled and then go back later and add the TN and they send the buyer an update.

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I do this for a couple, high shipping cost products. I make about $4 more if they buy it from Amazon than I do shipping it myself or using MCF. Sure, the fees are lower on my Shopify site but it still doesn’t make up for the high costs of shipping heavy items across the country. In those instances, I put a link to the item on Amazon and ask customers to buy it there.

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The rates UPS charges to common folk are mind boggling.

There was a time I wanted to ship some stuff to myself when I was moving, and I ended up throwing it all in the trash and buying new stuff because it was cheaper that way.