Meanwhile on the "Truth IS Stranger Than Fiction" front...

I would nominate this post as an early front-funner front-runner for the coveted “Best NSFE Post Of The Year” Award.

As our friend @bookwormapril presciently predicted, that’s been one of the ‘Featured Discussions’ in the Seller Forum Widget since it first appeared - as has this one, also created 2Jul2023:

Navarro Premium Mexican Lupita Doll, Frida

I’ll go away now - I suddenly have a craving for some fried spam & scrambled eggs…



Aren’t spam-ads showing up in “Suggested” threads due to amount of activity-even negative activity? Would need a minor software change-but anything minor-a “glitch” becomes major as all the BOTS pile on.
This rarely occurred in the old iteration of the forum. Are Mods not doing their due diligence? Or do the OP’s think they can get away w/ this crap on long holiday weekends?(Seems likely.)

I’m flagging every one-the Lupita doll OP had a duplicate thread running this morning! Seriously considering not visiting/posting on NSFE anymore-it’s a bloomin’ mess.


That’s because on the OSFE spam threads never got the kind of traffic that a real thread generated. Not because of a software or mod difference.


Yes, they do - a tip of me ol’ straw-boater to you for having led me to it with your reply in the first thread; their other spam foray is here:

I strongly suspect that you’ve struck pretty close to home with that observation.

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Thanks to an SAS member’s intervention, Danika has weighed in:

However, she and Sandy didn’t pull their punches in a similar fashion with OXAROX’ spamming, which also earned a broadside from the aforementioned SAS member.

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Sandy_Amazon got flagging and tagging confused, possibly. It should not take two days and multiple flags-and-tags to get things like this removed.

Our SAS member is doing their CMT jobs for them.

Meanwhile…“hey spammers and scammers, tomorrow you get a free pass!:woman_facepalming:

And the pickleball OP’s clever retort to literally everyone…

Yes, indeedy.

That’s a phenomenon - seasoned and savvy ASF veterans doing a good deal of the heavy lifting - that’s been quite evident right from the NSFE’s get-go.

The fact that those who are willing and/or able to do so brings naught but everlasting credit to them - more than a few of whom are our fellow members of the SAS/BSFE - and SHOULD bring undying shame to TPTB for creating the dadgum abomination in the first place.

Dum Spiro Spero


There’s another spam , touting:3-D printing and seller assistance. Mods just took it down-perhaps they are just overwhelmed!!. .
OP has EIGHT business names… does this mean we’ll be bombarded w/ one ad for every account?

Why do newbies feel free to come to the forums and first thing, spam their product?? Personally, I would never buy a product advertised this way, whether ceramic figurines, Pickle-ball packages or help from a self-serving newbie!!

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She was being kind and then I saw a post by another seller saying that they had done it four times before.

I tagged Danika and asked her to look into those other cases and the entire post has mysteriously VANISHED!

I think they do try to remove as much as they can but are understaffed and outgunned. Sort of what would happen if a cartel invaded Mayberry and Barney dropped his one shell.


Every one of those guys with multiple store names that I have had dealings with have been VAs and SOMEHOW only one of the accounts had ‘issues’ (at least so far).


It doesn’t seem like their flagging system is effective, either–only tagging seems to produce action.

And just how hard would it be to tell the bot that chooses the featured thread to NOT choose a flagged thread. With the two featured spam threads I know of, the flagging came well before the featured choice.


I’ve not yet flagged even spam, but I recall seeing you make mention of possessing that same knowledge, when the very first slew of spam arrived on the NSFE’s second official day (27Jan`23), about another ‘discussion’ (I refuse to sully the good name of ‘thread’ for that rank mess of pottage) which also made it into the ‘Featured’ slots of the Seller Forums Widget.

I would think it probable that most of us might agree with the consideration of that starkly-inappropriate situation being laid nearer the feet of leadership than to those of the FMT’s.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

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I’d can’t recollect flagging anyone before; even political posts and sadly, bad language no longer fazes me-- America’s standards for polite- or even civil- behavior has sunk so low from the 50’s/60’s.

Found the little red flag 3 times this morning since my protests( and others) had gone unheeded for up to 12 hours.
I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to flag these folks but gave me an unsettling sense of power when the threads came down. If I wasn’t so old/indolent, TPTB could have started me on the road to becoming a dictator of a tiny island nation or, probably worse, an influencer (encouraging untamed commercialism).

Have a Happy 4th-and be grateful there were no cell-phones or tablets in 1776! .


I suspect the issue is the staffing level (or LACK of it) so a flag only surfaces in the ‘normal’ flow while those SHOULD be escalated to the top of ‘mount garbage.’

When a tag shows up it gets at least a little quicker attention.

Not to break my arm (again) but based on some of the likes that I see coming from some Amazonians I apparently have some people paying a little attention to my irritating messages.

On a more serious note, I got a lot more active when so many of you seasoned pros fled for good reasons and I KNOW that I can be slightly (or totally) off base on occasion.

If you ‘lurkers’ see something where I clearly have no clue about what I’m saying let me know. I prefer to cut to the chase while the MODS have to ‘play nice’ but I don’t want to give totally wrong info out either.

So many of you had some nice ‘cut and paste’ templates on so many topics I think the Forum (such as it is) misses all of those. I keep adding to mine and the list grows like a fungus on steroids.


This raises an intriguing dilemma for me, because I’ve amassed a vast collection of those from the old hands over the years (generally, but not exclusively, w/ an additional copy of the post’s actual text alongside the recorded URL - and sometimes accompanied by a screenshot or more).

Now I harbor no doubt that most are aware that it was long my wont, in the OSFE, to liberally spread word of useful information like that in this or that thread where I myself thought it could be of help (usually, but not entirely, w/ proper attribution to the wisdom’s source).

The operative part of that long practice of mine was always dependent upon my own judgment - and the core of that ‘part’ is the fact that it was only me who was absorbing any and all risk(s) from having done so.

Which brings me around to the horns of the dilemma presently staring me in the face:

  1. With the advent of the NSFE, that’s simply no longer the case - probably, methinks, in ANY publicly-accessible fora

  2. There is no question on the general Anti-NSFE consensus of old & younger hands alike - perhaps no way/no how exemplified better than the being forced to contemplate the need to exercise the drastic measure of deleting one’s own post that one KNOWS has been well-accepted as worthy, as many of us chose to do - that exposure of PII was of utmost concern on most of our minds

Having followed (and extensively archived) all 8 of the ‘main’ Anti-NSFE threads created between The Slip O’ The Tongue and The Borg Arrival Date, I’m well-aware that it’s probably inadvisable to post any links to older content from the ASF w/o first requesting the right to do so.

Since I am still obligated to Pay Forward the immense degree of help that we received from my participation in the halcyon days, I can see no other course than to gaining clearance from the RO, if I’m determined that the aforementioned knowledge not pass from the light of Human Reason…save, perhaps, the SAS Staff recreating the widely-famed Sep2021 thread “What threads have you bookmarked”, or resort to the private fora, or to PM/DM.


Flagging doesn’t work very well, I find that in order to get it dealt with you must also tag a Mod.
Why did they remove the option to make a note regarding the issue, that was a great option and It worked really well.

Not sure if I’ve just been lucky but the few times I’ve used ‘Contains personal info’ it was removed shortly afterward.

My biggest annoyance is when it comes to duplicate posts.
On the OSF duplicate posts were always dealt with, now they are seldom removed and many sellers have multiple posts regarding the same issue with different Mods helping/responding. Some ask the same questions that have already been answered or missing vital info from previous posts and wasting everyone’s time,

While I’m ranting…
Does it irritate anyone else or is it just me when a seller creates a post and tags every CM they can think of? There was one yesterday and the seller had tagged 12 Mods… :confounded:


We actually have a (currently) members-only in-progress category Guides made by us that would be perfect for reposting each template individually.

Unless it’s a message template, which might fit best in the members-only


Because that option actually generates a PM, and they removed all PMs, because they didn’t like Sellers communicating, because some Sellers (none here) abused the privilege.


I’ll remember that for when my Discourse Trust Level advances to the point where I can access it, and be judicious in making sure I get the links right.