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The Tell

This ain’t one body’s story. It’s the story of us all. We got it mouth-to-mouth. So you got to listen it and 'member. 'Cause what you hears today you got to tell the birthed tomorrow.

Sellers ask sellers ‘member what were left of the Knowin’ they left behind in the forum pox-eclipse.

After Chris Farley and 'Member Berries, this is the only right answer :laughing:

Pepperidge Farm Remembers

But also…

Member when the forum didn’t have a ridiculously useless message nesting, making any message not a direct reply to the OP a ghost?

Now there’s just a handful regurgitating Cut and Paste “answers”. My how things have changed.

This is what I miss the most here, I think.

The number of immediate, relevant responses. I can’t believe how many “0 replies” there are as I look down the list of current topics on this barren landscape.

But, Amazon was told that this would happen, so I can only assume it’s what they wanted.

Unfortunately, the goal of sellers getting real help became supplanted by Amazon’s need to “shut those squeaky wheels up.”

I still squeak when I can.

There are also several mentions of this forum. Much appreciated! :grinning:


at least 22 mentions


i don’t think it is something they can hide any longer.

For me the ability to talk and debate about other eCommerce channels without being cute here is the best feature.

Rather than say “River and Bay” we can use the real names of the channels. Though I can understand, it is Amazon’s sandbox, they can set it up any way the wish.

I, we, you, us, and those yet to come don’t have to participate if they don’t want to. Or they can if they wish. Freedom.


There are also several within the search results with spaces.
Those would be harder for Amazon to bot remove without removing every post that has the word sellers.

Even an instance of a mod saying it without realizing it:


I may have just done a true spit take. GREAT FIND


Exactly! We aren’t beholden to any sales channel.

My personal SellersAskSellers forum freedom is non-Amazon links. News articles, carriers, other sales channels, youtube, whatever… links, baby! :link::link::link:


My conspiracy loving sneaky devious mind actually wonders if SOME of the MODS know exactly what they are doing when they post that since they realize how pathetic the Forum (new NOT improved) actually is.

They can dump that in knowing that even the BOTS are not going to figure it out.
I do know that the BOTS do NOT approve of ‘XXX’ to hide numbers or letters on something since it is a ‘naughty word’ that they stop and won’t let me post messages using it though. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Man as bad as the filter is here (nipples are ok again) I know better about XXX!

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Whew! @Tried_Tested

Free the nip!! :fist: