More Chatter at UPS store on refund Monday.

Woman at counter " I Couldn’t print the return label"
UPS worker- I am sorry but we need the label or QR code to accept the return. Also it’s not from Amazon it’s from a 3rd party seller.

bla bla bla*

Woman - Ok I have until the end September to return this anyway.

No lady you have 45 days after the end of the delivery estimate, in September USPS will no longer accept first class postage.

Amazon really created some entitled customers.

I’m somewhat surprised (but not shocked) that the person at UPS recognized the difference between mere mortal sellers and the Retail Deity…


Well… perhaps in all fairness,

Society has created some very entitled people. I don’t want to sound like I’m a repeat/volume buyer of

Stacey on Etsy



I have a very good relationship with them, I am there every day almost to ship or pick up from my box.
I have explained some things to them.

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Speaking of Amazon customers, I want to share the following thread from this morning.

I’m not saying the customer is entitled, but perhaps a bit lonely, mildly lazy, a touch idiotic, with a large, heaping portion of technological incompetence.

It’s Amazon. Can we vote for ALL of the above since that seems to be the norm?

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