More fines for Amazon

Amazon has been fined again. lol But of course they did nothing wrong. Children’s privacy violation. Google " Amazon agrees to pay $25 million to settle FTC lawsuit over Alexa privacy for children"

I think the technical term is settlement, not fine. It is multiple cases for $31M, and Amazon seems to believe it is cheaper to just pay than fight.

Amazon said it disagreed with the FTC’s claims on both Alexa and Ring and denied violating the law. But it said the settlements “put these matters behind us.”

“Our devices and services are built to protect customers’ privacy, and to provide customers with control over their experience,” the Seattle-based company said.

In addition to the fine in the Alexa case, the proposed order prohibits Amazon from using deleted geolocation and voice information to create or improve any data product. The order also requires Amazon to create a privacy program for its use of geolocation information.

The proposed orders must be approved by federal judges.

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I don’t always remember which ones we can so I just find it safer to do the “Google” thing. lol

I do think it is telling that they disregard everyone’s privacy, especially kids. That’s pretty low but I expect nothing else from Amazon. It would be interesting to tape them in their offices and see how they really think and act.




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