More on Amazon and the Competitive Price/Buy Box Issues

We sell toys.

Below is an example explaining all the competitive price/buy box issues with Amazon. I do not have this item, but I understand with the ones I have what Amazon is doing.

This is the 6 inch Marvel Legends Iceman.

You cannot find the item by searching on Target’s website. You can only find it via search engines.

Amazon’s system will pick up what Target is doing, which is having a price, but being out of stock.

Amazon will then say the competitive price is $17.69, even though it cannot be purchased at this price.

Amazon will also do this with Walmart and when Hasbro or Mattel sell the item on their website.

Welcome to poor coding.


You rely on these products to make a profit.

I do not so I can see the Amazon logic.

I post repeatedly that Amazon is a mass market retail site - designed for box in/box out, in production new products.

It is not optimized for or making exceptions for collectible or out of production products.

I too suffer because it makes it difficult to sell collectible and out of production products. Mass market retailers do not normally sell products for more than MSRP or the established street price. And Amazon 3P sellers who want or need to do so find it unaccommodating.

What you see is deliberate, not a buy product of poor coding.

It runs counter to Amazon’s goal to be a trusted company by public at large, if grandma or grandpa buys a hot toy for their grandchild, at some premium price, only to have mom and pop raise hell when they find out how much over the expected retail price they paid.

I am dealing with an insurance claim on damaged personal property, and the replacement costs for many items is well in excess of what their past cost was. The claim is taking an extended period of time to process and I expect there will be strong pushback by the insurance company.

For many years, antique price guides had values for made to be collected products by Franklin Mint and Bradford exchange among others which only sold for those prices when an insurance company was paying for replacements. In some cases they were worthless under other circumstances.

Were they to be listed on Amazon, they would not be worthy of a buy box.