[MSN] Amazon offers shoppers $10 to pick up purchases as it targets delivery costs


Amazon over the last few days has emailed an unknown number of Prime subscribers offering them $10 to retrieve an order of $25 or more at company pickup points at locations such as Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh or Kohl’s stores.

:thinking: Not a very level playing field for FBM…

I am a FF on Amazon. Amazon delivers to my building in Manhattan, and we either pick up our packages from downstairs or tip our building employees to bring them up to our door. Saving 10 bucks to schlep our purchases on the subway from Amazon’s suggested pick-up point in Brooklyn? I don’t think so.

FYI: $2.75 each way on the subway to Brooklyn and back. With potential issues, per the local news.

The whole idea of getting it delivered in LA is not having to go out in the traffic yourself. Especially when you are paying $6+ a gallon of gas.

Could a customer claim INR if they went to the pickup spot and Amazon couldn’t find the package to hand over?


I didn’t necessarily read it that way.

I see it as Amazon trying to back out of the thing they built their business around - fast, convenient, 2-day delivery to your doorstep.

Basically, their $10 offer is them offering to pay people to let them not do what they promise (and charge $139/year for). :woman_shrugging:

Surely, at least some of their Prime members will see it that way too.

Because honestly, the selling points of home delivery are that you don’t have to go out (spending your time and gas money) and work it into your schedule to go get your stuff.

If you take that benefit away, then why bother ordering from Amazon and then going somewhere to pick your stuff up? Just go somewhere and do your own shopping and get your stuff in real time. :woman_shrugging:

You still have to find the time to go out…
Spend the money to get to wherever…
Stand in line behind the other people who are there to pick up their stuff…

If I have to do the same stuff that’s involved when shopping at a store, why am I bothering to order online? Sure, there’s some limited benefit. Maybe you can order a sweater and pick it up while you’re at Whole Foods anyway doing your grocery shopping, but it sounds like there’s a lot less benefit than there should be from ordering online.

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Agreed. $10 isn’t enough to make me fight traffic and drive just to pick up an order that I paid prime to ship to me and gas is $5 a gallon here too.


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