Multiple "Active Listings Report" notifications

Starting at about 11pm last night and into today, I have received 6 identical emails from Amazon letting me know the reports I requested are ready for download. I haven’t requested anything. The only third party integrator I use (which brings sales data into my bookkeeping system) has never requested a report before and they wouldn’t need a report of active listings. I went into seller central reports and I see the 6 reports ready for download. Just seems off. I mean, if someone had hacked into my account, why would they go for a downloadable report instead of say, changing the bank account or something. But it’s unnerving. Came here hoping to see others talking about a weird glitch.

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Are you sure these emails are actually from Amazon?

If they are in his reports on Amazon, then most likely …


Yes, they are from [email protected]
I didn’t click on any email links, but went directly to seller central and can see the requested reports there.


Sounds like a 3rd party app. I test drove Veeqo and after linking it to my Amazon Store it downloaded a listing report every 30 minutes. annoying! Check here to see if you have any apps connected that should not be Amazon Sign-In

It is probably your bookkeeping app gone haywire.


I missed that… :person_facepalming:

That is really strange and yes concerning especially since Amazon said you “requested” them.

Good suggestion…↑

@Rino please keep us posted.


I have received more of these notification emails today for a total of 10 now. I contacted the third party app and they requested a screenshot of the email to have their tech team look into it. :woman_shrugging:

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When we used to use a repricer it would download reports


Were these possibly reports that you pre-scheduled? :thinking:

I don’t know how to do that, so it wasn’t me. But looking at the time stamps, 8 of the requests have been made at 2:07 or 2:08am, and 8 more have a time just after 1pm. So there does seem to be a pattern. How would I check for pre-scheduled reports?

Just heard back from support at the 3rd party app and it is a new report they added and will run daily. Good to know.