My Conversion Rate is Insane... but not good enough?

First, I’m not sure if this discussion should be a continuation of this discussion:

But, the conclusion there was to keep this ASIN in the wrong category, as the volume is solid… or so I thought.

But here is the catch. I just got an updated report from SAS and they claim this listing can’t be any better. All the scores on it are great, and my conversion rate is 122% in regards to units ordered on page visit.

I’m priced lower than a direct competitor on the same exact product, but they do 10x-12x the units ordered per month. The top sellers in this specific leaf do about 100x more in sales per month. So the volume here is massive.

The only thing my direct competitor has is more reviews, which of course is a consequence of them having far more sales (we used to be neck and neck).

The advice before was not to mess with being in the wrong subcategory, but seeing the volume of like-items, maybe I am taking a hit for the mistake (the bot moved me a long time ago it seems, I just didn’t notice).

Seems like now maybe worth the risk?

All feedback appreciated.

I think that number is wrong.

I don’t even have an average of 1.22 units per ORDER, let alone 1.22 units per page visit. That just doesn’t sound right.

This is an average of 1 order having 2 sells per every 5 orders which means the per page visit has to follow the same pattern. Each page visit has one sale and one sale within each 5 visits has two sales.

orders & units per order = total units ordered { 1+1+1+1+2=6 }
units ordered divided by # of orders = % { 6 / 5 = 1.2 }

We agree … not likely for both the number of orders and page visits to have the same ratio. It isn’t the ratio of units per order we question but the ratio of page visits maintaining that exact same ratio.

A time back … we had an issue where the bot had changed our category type. It was suggested to us to do a partial upload with only the required attributes (which the category type is one of). We were told to do the partial upload of required attributes once every 24 hours until the category type changed. We had 3 items effected. A one changed out on try one. A another changed out on try two. It took a while, but in the end, they were all back to where they should have been.

Here is the SAS thread from 6 months ago.


It’s weird. When I go to business reports, it’s 122%, but my comprehensive report from SAS seems to do the conversion different and it’s 111%.

Last year I was 48%, so have seen a huge uptick in conversion.

347 sessions resulting in 411 units ordered.


And here is the real downer…

With a conversion rate at half what it is today, I sold about 50% more when I had half the conversion

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I almost feel like there’s for sure something wrong with the numbers being reported, especially since you don’t sell products that are thrown away quickly, or consumed products, it seems highly unusual that so many people are buying multiple units. Unless you have like a hotel customer or something that bought 100 and skewed the numbers.

Your listing already has problems, so maybe the data has problems too

Not sure. The only thing that would be off is that both reports would be under-reporting sessions and page impressions?

The only issue with the listing is the wrong subcat, but not sure how that would lead to inaccurate reporting.

As even SKU Central agrees with the number of units sold.

Actually, here’s a small update. Just shifting the Business Report a single day, I show:

549 sessions for 535 units ordered. My Unit Session Percentage is 97.45%

Edit, this was looking by parent… when looking at the best child, 407 units from 343 sessions with 458 page views.

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this entire ASIN family.

Unit Session Percentage for the three children:

34.15% (new, bigger volume box)

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now, the bummer…

Primary Child ASIN Sessions vs Unit Session Percentage
July, 2022: 2150 for 27.49%
Jan, 2023: 1485 for 37.78%
Apr, 2023: 1340 for 49.18%
June, 2023: 1377 for 55.19%
Sep, 2023: 792 for 67.42%
Dec, 2023: 364 for 107.42%

As my listing has improved in conversions it has tanked in traffic. Sort of the opposite of what one would expect from the Amazon Algo.

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What this says to me is there’s a problem with how they’re tracking “sessions”

IDK… it’s really really weird, that data makes absolutely no sense

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I agree with you. Conversion is supposed to be conversion. Someone looks and buys or doesn’t. Units should not even be considered.

A sale is a sale when it comes to proper conversion calculation. The number of units bought is not supposed to be in that calculation.

10 views / 5 purchases of 5 or 5000 units should yield a 50% conversion rate. That’s reality and how any business / listing should be measured.

With that said, it does appear that Amazon IS measuring conversion in the way that the OP is stating so Amazon is dumb. Shocker

I never dug into it because we don’t have any listings converting north of 100%… Now that I did dig into it, that’s how it’s being done.

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yeah, they are based on SEssion (instead of page view) and Units sold instead of the actual act of purchasing.

Doing my own quick breakdown, I’d be closer to a conversion rate of 79% on pageview to order, which is still rad. I get about 2% on my eCommerce site.