Need a INR Appeal Template


Ok … we haven’t had an A to Z were the judgement was against us before so we never thought much about it. We just had an INR using Amazon Buy Shipping USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope (no signature).

Shipping on time (first day of ship by dates)
Scanned accepted by USPS on time (first day of ship by dates)
Delivered on time (a delivered before first delivery by date)

INR claim decided for the customer but charged against us and ODR rate

This is the template in the notice from Amazon to use in the appeal …

“To Amazon,
The order [enter order number] was shipped on [enter date] with tracking number [enter tracking number] by carrier [enter carrier name] and the estimated delivery date was [enter estimated delivery date confirmed to the customer]. The shipment can be tracked using this link:[enter link to online tracking showing delivery and signature confirmation from customer]. According to the order’s tracking information, the package was delivered to the correct address [enter address] on [enter date] and signed by [enter signee]. Please re-investigate the claim since the order was delivered on/before the estimated delivery date.
Best regards,”

Should we use their formatted appeal form or does someone have one that has been successful before?


What is wrong with the template provided by Amazon is

  1. It doesn’t mention the Amazon policy on INR coverage if bought through Amazon Buy Shipping.
  2. It makes the statement about “showing delivery and signature confirmation” which is setting you up for denial of appeal even though this is not a requirement of Amazon Buy Shipping INR coverage policy.

We really think this Amazon template will result in a denial and that is what Amazon is trying to accomplish thus avoiding covering their INR policy. Since there have been several reports of this type of behavior by Amazon, do you think this is an attempt by Amazon to rewrite their INR policy to avoid covering several claims when sellers are buying through Amazon Buy Shipping?


This! I have never used Amazon’s template for these reasons. I have not had enough to justify making a template yet but I keep it short and sweet indicating, used Amazon Buy shipping, shipped on time, delivered on time and a quote of Amazon Buy shipping protection policy.

Of course!


Thanks … we know we have seen one (on the forum) where the appeal template was setup to quote the Amazon INR policy of coverage when using Amazon Buy Shipping. We were hoping someone could direct us to it.


Hope this works. If not, look for Message Templates under SAS Confidential.


This is awesome … still learning about SAS so this area will be extremely helpful to all.

Thanks !!!


Here is one where we won the appeal. Keep in mind that, according to Amazon policy, delivery does not matter for INR clams, only when the item was first scanned by the carrier.

“Hi, We purchased shipping for this order using Amazon buy shipping services. The ship by date on this order was Thursday, November 3, 2022 to Friday, November 4, 2022. USPS tracking shows that this package was scanned by the post office on Friday, November 4th, 2022, at 12:45 AM. The USPS tracking link is {INSERT TRACKING LINK} Amazon Buy Shipping policy states “A-to-z Guarantee claims: If you purchase Amazon’s Buy Shipping and ship on time, you are protected against claims where a customer reports problems with delivery. Amazon will cover the cost of these claims and they will not affect your Order Defect Rate.” (Amazon Policy Link Amazon Sign-In) Since we purchased shipping using Amazon Buy shipping and USPS tracking information proves that this order was shipped on time, please return the money to our account and remove the defect from our account. Thank you, {Your name and title}”


And you basically answered my next question which was how to write it without the bullet/list form. We know that the Amazon system strips the formatting when doing any reply in the case replies so anything with formatting tends to become a jumble mess to read.

This we know and that was why that Amazon template within the A to Z determination email triggered our DO NOT USE THIS mind set.


And this is a case where, if we could mark two items as Solution, we would.


I’m going to add @TheOrangeCrush template to the thread! :star_struck:


I’m hoping that’s a special forum for highly inappropriate posting, but I’m sensing I’m going to be disappointed.


When we visited the Message Template page, we noticed two new ones that don’t follow the original format. We would suggest having all template forms in the original format. Not sure how the original was done, but that will keep the templates organized. :wink:


Hi @Lost_My_Marbles I think you mean that they aren’t categorized into a reply? If yes, then YES, and it’s on the to-do list. :sweat_smile:


Follow up question …
When using your template, you have two links inserted. If we use the Appeal button, you can not set up a link but only type in the link (hyperlink is not available). Are you using an email client to respond so a hyperlink is available? Does the hyperlink get removed?

Or are you putting in the links as

The USPS tracking link is

(Amazon Policy Link Server Busy Amazon Sign-In)

Just want to make sure before we submit.

Edit … ahhh … so this program automatically converts the link to a hyperlink as we see in the double Server Busy Server Busy above.

So does your template read without our the { } around the sellercentral-amazon-com?
(Amazon Policy Link https://{}/help/hub/reference/G200202220)






Follow up … the results
Used the template provided above by @TheOrangeCrush
Submitted Appeal on 4/25/2023
Appeal Granted on 4/27/2023 - ODR not effected

Posting this image of the template with notes which show the link addresses to be added in on the template (posting the links in the forum automatically coverts them to hyperlinks thus the image)

Many thanks to @TheOrangeCrush :+1:


:partying_face: @TheOrangeCrush FTW!!!