Need some quick variation advice....

@oneida_books or anyone else that may know…

I’m so frustrated right now… Making an existing ASIN the parent of a new 2-pack of that item.

The new item has been set up completely and SAS has a template that will run in the background to ensure all goes well without causing issues. Basically a dry run on upload that doesn’t go live until it’s tested by inside folks at Amazon.

The template I was sent is supposed to have dropdowns for theme and attribute but they aren’t there so basically I was told to guess on what goes in these 2 columns. I highly doubt my guesses are correct.

Does anyone know what goes in Theme / Attribute for this? I’d rather not go to YouTube… You would think my SAS guy or those he’s talked to would know but they don’t… :roll_eyes:

Thanks in advance!

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Generally speaking, flat file templates where in-sheet drop-down selection menus are inoperative can be attributed to Excel permissions/protections balking over user rights/credentials - but this is obviously not your run-of-the-mill beast, and I sincerely doubt that you would overlook that (although your Account Manager and/or his/her cronies might well suffer from some of that, as it’s not particularly their bailiwick).

Presuming that this is the only worksheet available in that workbook - no Example, Valid Values, or Data Definitions sheets being present - I would probably head over to the APvU Dashboard, target the Browse Node intended, and see if that ‘latest-and-greatest’ template’s worksheets of those three titles might offer up some clues that Core Support seems unable to provide.

Failing that, I’d next be inclined to download the latest CLR/RFR pertinent to the targeted Browse Node, and see if that might provide some relief.


Why are you flat filing it as opposed to using the variation wizard? Without instructions on the template it’s hard to guess.


I have no experience in variations and I know they can cause a lot of problems. This is why SAS has this particular simple template to get it done behind the scenes to ensure nothing goes wrong. I don’t believe nothing will go wrong but if they break it, they will fix it.

Guess I will go to YouTube to find out what the 4 words are that I need.


Sorry I’m late to the party …

In my experience, the drop downs don’t work until you enter a “ProductType”, as all such are based off of it. If this template doesn’t have that, then it likely doesn’t have drop downs. I can’t tell from your image, but you should have a “Valid Values” tab at the bottom of the template (unless it’s just the old plain Template style)

This is something you don’t do. A parent is a non-buyable ASIN and should always be created fresh for the children.

In your case I suspect the existing ASIN is the 1-pack. If so it will be a child like the 2-pack.

Before we go any further though … is the ItemPackageQuantity or numberofitems available for your ProductType? I suspect it is, but it’s dependent on the Category and ProductType. Recently Amazon is also using unitcount.

It’s hard to guess, but my first choice would be “ItemPackageQuantity” for a Theme, and then 1 Pack, 2 Pack for your Attributes.


Couple of thoughts …

When you open the template across the top if it has the edit warning, click it to allow editing.

Amazon likes to hide sheet tabs. Recently, we noticed that the Valid Values tab isn’t where the actual data for the drop downs populate from any more. On one of the sheet tabs on the bottom, right click the tab and select unhide. All hidden tabs will now be viewable (if hidden ones exist). This can be very useful in understanding the template functions.

If the parent doesn’t already exist (per @oneida_books description of a parent), then this variation template you are trying to use will not work until the parent is established. Your variation template above is assuming the parent all ready exists.


It is.

Been doing a lot of research and this is absolutely correct.

This is what I don’t know for sure. Is 1 Pack / 2 Pack an attribute you recognize or know?

This template from Strategic Account Services is supposedly to establish the parent ASIN and add the child from listings that are already setup. I was told to set the child up as a standalone listing and then fill out the info on the template and send it back to them and they would run it through to ensure it achieved the goal.

Keep in mind that all of this is coming from people that don’t know what the Theme or Attribute are for my particular situation so taking it with a microgram of salt.

I DON’T want this getting screwed up. This is by far our best selling listing and unfortunately a huge chunk of our sales.

Thank you both for weighing in. Really appreciate it.


Technically, when you enter the IPQ for the item (1 or 2), it will generate the attribute for you. Really, the 1 Pack 2 Pack thing falls into people trying to use “Size” instead of the IPQ. What you would see would be just 1 or 2

Example -

However, in using this type of a template I suspect they make edits as needed to fit into the Theme. That is assuming they know what they are doing … :roll_eyes:

If you find you need help please feel free to reach out directly. I’m fairly busy with :firecracker: :firecracker: :firecracker:, but I can find time!


Thanks @oneida_books - Appreciate you as usual.

I took a chance and did itempackagequantity and 2.

I was looking at some YouTube videos late last night and saw this is how this type of variation is setup in the real world so assumed the programming would be the same.

I’m sure they will somehow screw this up and I KNOW they don’t know what they are doing. If they did, they would have simply told me exactly what needs to go where. This isn’t rocket science and Amazon’s stupidity really never ceases to amaze me.

Enjoy You :firecracker: :firecracker: :fireworks:

I need to head over to PA to get my stash for the 4th next week. I never wait this long. The cops are going to be stalking the place. Literally sits on the NYS border…


Please do keep us updated if you can find your way clear to do so.

IPQ is a particularly-finicky attribute, as Amazon has long maintained that it’s a ‘set in stone’ value which, once toggled from zero to some finite number, cannot be changed; unlike many of the things it does, it actually has good reason for taking that position - which is rooted in GS1’s ‘Packing Level’ revision(s) of the original UCC standards, as Rob, @SawleMill, MAV, @Tallytony (especially w/ his lovingly-crafted & oh-so-useful Oct`21 OSFE tut :bangbang:Regarding GTINs and how to navigate the GS1 dashboard [link, NSFE URL]), and many another vet have taken pains to point out over the last several years) - so I suspect I’ll not be the only member of our Seller Community who will be interested in learning what transpires from SAS Core making you guess at what are the proper attributes for those unexplained Valid Values.

At any rate, I wish you the best of luck (I’m quite confident you’ll eventually steer your way clear of or over the hurdles, as you’ve long exhibited a nimble knack for doing so, come what may) - and may your J4 :firecracker: :fireworks: :sparkler: celebration go off without a hitch.

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Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Yup, you’re correct. This template is not designed to change the attribute in the listing, rather program the variation for the child in this instance.

When you view a listing that has a pack size option - this is what we are looking to do.

Options: 2 Sizes
Pack of 1 / Pack of 2

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