Negative feedback abuse.

I feel really bad for this book Seller.

15+ Negative seller feedback from cancelled orders- please help!

I looked at their page Mediaus Feedback, and there is indeed a buyer using the name ‘Henry L’ targeting this seller, and the response from Amazon is that their hands are tied… :angry:

I’ve seen Mods helping certain sellers on the forum to get wrongfully negative reviews removed; let’s hope they see this and actually do something worthwhile and hit this buyer, who is most likely a competitor, with a violation/suspension.

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Maybe something is going on with this Seller and they are selling knockoffs, or they’re just really unlucky, but this is the 2nd time this is happening to them.

They had the same thing happen a year ago by ‘Daniel S’

Our account is being attacked by a buyer. what should we do?

See, this is where mods SHOULD Step in.


This would imply they are not either too inept or impotent or both to help.


they have no idea what’s happening or what to do about it.
I agree, now is the time they should get involved in a conversation with this seller and have the means and opportunity to escalate this. But they’re clueless.


Then you have this seller who lost the listing due to a fake negative review.

Chinese Buyers Purchasing An Item And Leaving Bad Feedback


Sounds about right…🠟


YouNameTheGame doing the work on the NSFE :clap::star_struck:

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No feedback abuse “yet,” but abuse no less.

This makes me so angry, and we know Amazon won’t do squat, or by some miracle, if they do, it will take months.

Threat by a Seller via Buyer Message

It still shocks me that sellers/competitors have no problem doing this to another seller and then have the audacity to say…

…'Hello Amazon seller friend" :face_vomiting:
“Please don’t ignore our kind words and suggestions, I hope we can handle this matter peacefully.”

It would appear that it’s already begun.


Excellent question!!

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Yeah, it appears they are saying that the brand on the listing is “Generic”, but a noob might not understand what that really means. And someone with experience on the forums, would not block out the ASIN, the one piece of info that could really help. Heck, I’m surprised even a noob would do that; I can see not thinking to include it, but actually going to the trouble to not show it??? Always makes me think that we’re not getting the whole (or true) story when something like that is hidden.

Wanna take bets on if the OP will answer? :wink:


My money is that they are selling under someone else’s brand and do not realize that the “generic” product is actually branded.

The seller messaging the OP should still get hit with a violation for abuse for that awful message and threats, as it is against Amz Seller Conduct, definitely not the way to go about it.

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In response to Threat by a Seller via Buyer Message

Here’s a gem… :person_facepalming:

"I get those all the time and mostly ignore it. The seller/owner can contact AMZ to take it down or make your item inactive.

Keep it up online, they won’t do anything from CHINA against you. It’s too expensive to hire an attorney.

I was selling a product and someone from an Indian company contacted me to take it down. I ignored it and within a week the product sold.

The last notice I got the writer wanted to see “invoices”. The product was Hyland Cough Syrup, it was owned by an overseas company. I sent them the receipt from the grocery store I bought the product from. Only the receipt. I’m not the distributor, but a reseller. The product is still “active”.

If the owner doesn’t want you to sell their product, they can contact AMZ and ask that it be gated or removed."

Threat by a Seller via Buyer Message

“I assume the ASIN in question is B0BFWW7R8X as that’s the only ASIN of the 5 with just one other seller and that seller is located in China.”

The brand name is showing as “Generic” So it looks like the OP isn’t hopping on a registered brand.

Taking a look at RH Traders storefront, all their offers are under ‘Generic,’ so they are in compliance, although it is possible they corrected things after posting and reading the comments?

There are no additional responses from them, so I guess we will never know. Don’t you just love it when a Seller creates a thread asking for help, and you never hear from them again?

On a side note: I think GreatDeals1st might be ready to blow a gasket… :joy:

"You are so stuck on Generic. Let me make it child’s play understandable .It seems you believe you need permission from brands to sell their Branded items. YOU DO NOT. not even by Amazon Policy, does not require you to be authorized by the Brand.

I am selling Brand A Vitamins, on Brand A listing and Brand A gets all their ■■■■■■■ in a bunch and claims i am doing everything under the sun JUST BECAUSE i bought BRAND A vitamins and sold them on BRAND A listing.

Do you get it now or do i need to dumb it down even further?

This mentally challenged greedy philosophy of brand is what get me to find more of these brands, find where i can get their product wholesale and place my offer right next to theirs . I will poke that bear.

If you cannot understand what i am getting at now, then that is quite sad."

So much for the kinder, gentler new forums!

I’m almost, hoping for a Brand A recall after reading GreatDeals1st’s less than brilliant post.


Checkout SANGBA-DENTURE - The have a 94% positive feedback rating, but almost every feedback is negative so it doesn’t count.

A seller on the NSFE was asking about them and a new listing that they popped up in March B0BX98V9GH with over 500 ratings, which of course has been hijacked/repurposed.

Do all FBA feedbacks now get an automatic strikethrough or is this an inside job/special software?

I believe FBA orders with feedback generally do get the strike through automatically. Which actually sucked for me because I had a buyer leave a negative feedback accidentally for a wrong seller and they tried to remove it when they realized they had left it for the wrong seller, amazon wouldn’t let them because Amazon had already done the strikethrough.

I didn’t know that!
That is ridiculous, customers should be able to remove it regardless; a strikethrough is not a removal,
It is such a flawed system… :disappointed_relieved:

The feedback left for SANGBA-DENTURE doesn’t even have anything to do with FBA fulfillment. Almost all Chinese Sellers (who are the biggest culprits for selling junk and knockoffs) use FBA.
So how is doing this protecting Amz customers? This type of thing is sadly very common.
If you see 94% under the BuyBox that seems like a good rating to a potential buyer.

  • 'Not as pictured and low quality."

  • “These are horrible. I would appreciate a refund. Total plastic assistance as well as it looks like I have bunny teeth. I’m so sad”

  • “They look like toys, they didn’t work. It is not at all the same as in advertising my money wasted in the trash”

  • “Item is worse than the cheapest Halloween costume accessory version of play teeth.”

  • “All plastic and usable. Just false advertising I don’t know how people could sell these and get away with it”

Granted, they are all technically “Product Review,” the only upside is if a customer actually looks at the feedback page, they will still be able to see them.

When Product Reviews are removed/ receive a strikethrough, are they moved over to the Product Detail page? That would make the most sense, but I don’t think it works that way.

Once a feedback is struck through, it is set in stone. I’m not even sure Amazon can remove it at that point without extraordinary intervention.