Never seen this before..Refunded twice but NO!

I refunded a customer and messaged them that they were refunded.
A few days go by and they say they did not get the refund.
I go to the order and see the order is NOT refunded.

So I click on Refund (figured I forgot) refund message appears.
I message the customer again that they have been refunded.

A few day go by and they say they did not get the refund.
I go to the order again and see it’s NOT refunded.

Could this be a issue with their card or payment method they used?
I’m not getting any message from Amazon or anything.
I’ve just never seen this before. Or are they on an Amazon ■■■■-list for an abundance of claims and they are just blocking any activity from that account?



Are you refunding directly through Amazon or through a third party?
I had a problem a few weeks ago where refunds that I used through my inventory management program were being rejected by Amazon for reason "somethingtechnicalthatmadenosenseandcameoffas@sscoveringdoubletalk). When I refunded directly through Amazon, it worked fine.

If you are refunding directly through Amazon and they it is rejected, the only thing I can think of (besides a standard Amazon technical glitch) is what you already suggested, that they have a problem with their card, or they used a gift card that is no longer valid, something of this nature.

Right from the order in Manage Order - Clicking the refund button

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I don’t say this often, but… call Seller Support and ask them to refund the order?
Excuse me, I need a shower.


Amazon seems to have released a ton of bad code on Thursday before Memorial day.

I have noticed a ton of problems since then and they seem to have no ability to fix it.


@Sundance did you open a case? In the possibility that this Buyer is somehow gaming Amazon’s return system, I would hope that any documentation would recover funds, if needed.

Did your buyer to check his Amazon Gift Card balance page? Once in a while, I’ve got a refund from my personal purchase in the Amazon Gift Card even though I never picked that option. Maybe your buyer was searching for the refund in his credit card (which he would never find it if the credit goes to Amazon gift card balance).

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This should be added into a seller’s response email to an inquiry about a missing refund. Wonder how many miss this?

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Great point! Unfortunately @Sundance checked the order twice, after each “refund”, and it showed as not refunded there.