New 3P seller returns policy

My first return from a 3P seller since the announced change, just got this e-mail and wanted to share:

We’ve issued a refund for the item(s) below. This is an advanced refund issued prior to our receipt and verification of the item(s). Upon verification, we may charge your card partially/fully for the refunded amount*.

View return & refund status :

Item details:

Refund total: $49.93**
Refund will appear on your Amazon Card in 3-5 business days.

  • Based on our verification of the item, if the item is not the item for which you had requested a return, is not in the same quantity, or not in new/unused condition, we will charge your original payment method or another valid payment method in your account.
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I think this language is CYA for SAFE-T Claims. And I an happy about it! Yeah that is new


What’s the process for this?

And :heart::heart::heart: love it!

Apparently no special process, I guess from the seller’s side you still have to do the Safe-T, but it is suppose to be more likely that you get some money back?

Like that new thing they are promising, that if your item is delivered late, but still within 30 days, that the buyer will be recharged or has to return the item? I don’t believe anything until i actually see it…