New delivery window requirement for FBA shipments


We understand that quicker receiving and shipment processing at our fulfillment centers is important to your business. From April 24 to May 2, 2023, we’ll be rolling out a new Send to Amazon requirement to help us get your products in stock faster.

When you create a shipment, we’ll ask you to provide a “delivery window,” which is an estimated date range of when you expect your shipment to arrive at our fulfillment center.

Beginning April 24, 2023, if you use a non-partnered carrier for small parcel or less-than-truckload shipments, you must provide a delivery window on Send to Amazon. If you use an Amazon-partnered carrier or Amazon Global Logistics, no action is required, because the carrier will provide us with shipment arrival information.

Since transportation lead times vary, we’ll ask you to specify a seven-day delivery window for domestic shipments, or a 14-day delivery window for cross-border shipments that have longer lead times, for example, August 1-14. If your shipping plans change, you can update the information until the start of your delivery window on Send to Amazon in the “Tracking details” step.

We’ll track shipment performance in the Shipping Queue and notify you if a shipment arrives earlier or later than the delivery window, so you can work with your carrier to provide more accurate estimates for future shipments.

To learn more, go to “Send to Amazon: Delivery window”:

If you have questions or feedback about delivery windows, you can attend our Ask Amazon event on June 6 to speak with our experts:[]=amzn1.spce.category.8b1ad9e8

The Fulfillment by Amazon team

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Seems to me the message here is ‘use Amazon partnered carriers’. I don’t ship LTL though and have no experience in that ship-to-FBA arena.

Do I smell a future ding-able metric?

As FBA has become less user friendly, my FBA offers have been declining. Still fighting the lost shipment from last November. Shipment received. Quantity checked in - zero.


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