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We are excited to announce new Order fulfillment settings that allow you to set faster and more precise delivery time for your seller-fulfilled products.

Customers are more likely to purchase products that have a faster delivery date. Setting operational days that match or expand your current operations allows you to show customers a better delivery for your seller-fulfilled products.

With the new Order fulfillment settings option, you will now be able to set Saturday, Sunday, or both as an operational day. This will enable selected weekend day as a business day and your promised handling time will be calculated accordingly.

Note: No changes have been made to your existing Shipping Settings. It is optional to update these settings.

To update your order cut-off times, go to:

For more information, go to “Order fulfillment settings”:

The Amazon Services team

Yeah, no thanks. Not even SFP and they want me to ship weekends. Pffft.


I got that too and I don’t even sell in Canada… :joy::joy:

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I just got it a second time, this one in French.

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So did I! :sob:

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