New International Shipping Requirements

Ebay has posted the following. Suspect it will apply to all venues.

I only ship on Ebay through Ebay International Shipping, which deals with these issues for me - including the returns requirement. I assume FBA deals with these issues for sellers, but if you self-fulfill - be aware you and the EU may be at odds.

International shipping is becoming more complex as more regulations come into effect or are enforced. Sellers who are self-shipping internationally are required to comply with international shipping regulations.

If you are self-shipping internationally, below are some updated regulatory requirements you should know. Note that these aren’t exclusive and if not complied with, your item could be held at customs or returned, and you may face fines and other penalties.

  • Harmonized System (HS) Codes will be required for items being exported to the EU. Customs uses HS Codes to properly identify products for duties and tax. Learn more about Harmonized System codes.
  • European Union rules now require detailed product descriptions.
  • Increased regulations surrounding HAZMAT goods. Restricted items and hazardous materials aren’t always the same thing. Learn more about restricted items going international.
  • One of the requirements of the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) is that sellers must offer a minimum of 14-day returns. The DSA also requires sellers to register and they may be responsible for package recycling fees.

Smart Ship Tip: Remove the paperwork and guesswork with eBay International Shipping. Simply ship to our domestic hub and eBay will take care of everything (including customs and returns) for you. Learn more about eBay International Shipping.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.


@lake I agree that Amazon will also need to respond to these changes, but for now I’ve moved the topic here to eBay.

Still great info! Thank you for the heads up!


I placed this where I did because whether Amazon does anything or not, this EU change can affect FBM international shipments.

All sellers who ship to the EU should be aware that their shipments can be delayed, returned or seized and there are no longer any final sales to EU buyers

One cannot assume Amazon will do anything to deal with these FBM shipment risks in a timely manner.