New options to report seller-fulfilled returns issues

If you receive a return in a used, damaged, defective, or materially different condition, then you can charge a restocking fee from the buyer.

To charge a restocking fee:

  1. Go to Orders.
  2. Click Manage returns and select your order.
  3. Click Issue refund.
  4. Click Charge restocking fee on the Refund orders page.

You can now grade the condition of the returned item. On the Charge restocking fee page, select a description from the drop-down, upload a photo, and provide more detail in the comments text box.

This information will allow us to confirm that the item wasn’t returned in its original condition. It will also help us to understand customer behavior so that we can protect you and other sellers from future returns issues.


I do find it annoying that the the “Refund Order” button in MANAGE RETURNS is not the same screen you see when you click “Refund Order” in MANAGE ORDERS


Just saw this. Wonder what the difference is from charging a restocking fee before other than the drop down to grade the return?

Amazon protecting us? Seems a bit fishy. Maybe they feel bad about how the verification process went and are throwing us a small bone…


Amazon wants to track customers who consistently defraud Sellers/Amazon with their bogus returns, so that Amazon can stop paying for those customers’ return shipping.

I’ll take it.


No no, Amazon protecting itself. The more data the more protection it has.


Someone on the NSFE just asked if they will be taking away RFS. That will be a miracle. Otherwise, this new option will only help when we are able to issue the refund once it is received.

The majority of our returns are RFS and we have to file a safe-t claim. I haven’t had many issues with getting shipping labels/original shipping back with safe-t claims, but a restocking fee is hit and miss.


Many, many a moon has passed since I’ve seen an entirely-positive ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’ reaction from our Seller Community to a News Headline like the screensnip I just took:

Let us - earnestly - hope that this newest Partial Refund Revision Initiative does not follow its predecessors into the Dustbin of History…

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So does this work for RFS? is this instead of a Safe-T- Claim?

An excellent question, a dispositive answer to which I am as of yet unable to provide.

Been a long time since I was actually anxious to see a Return (to be fair, we don’t get many, even on Amazon, @ least in comparison to what seems to be a more-common norm) - but I am sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of exploring what this latest revamp brings to bear.

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I hate to say it, but this is nothing new then. Other than what I expect to be an empty promise of Protecting sellers from fraudulent returns and/or abusive buyers.