New Phishing Email - from "Amazon Customer Verification Service"

Just got this about 2 minutes ago…(I did report it to Amazon and they replied back that it was indeed a phishing email)

It showed as a Buyer Message from someone sneakily named “Amazon Customer Verification Service”

Hello *****
Amazon is notifying you that your account is subject of a security check.
We have submitted a verification process for your account.
Especially for you, we have created a secure-code with which you can verify your account.
To verify your identity, copy the secure link below into your browser and log in.
Please perform the required verification.
Here is the secure-code:
**** (I am removing the link)*****
Once you provide the requested information, the system will identify you and you will receive an alert.
If you don’t follow these steps, your account will be suspended within 48 hours of receiving this email.
Please do not violate our policy in the future.



Oh my gosh :woman_facepalming: @BennyMac thank you for posting!