New Seller Account Deactivation

This seller is in really bad shape.

why my account deactivated and i how can reactivate

“I have requested approval for an ASIN and it got approved, there were not any requirements of transparency code or obligation that I have to buy from the manufacturer or any invoice or authorization letter requirement at that moment. i found the same product on Alibaba and purchased the product for FBA. after selling more than 150 units i received an email that brand applied for transparency program and in a few days my account got deactivated that i am selling unauthentic product. i haven’t sold unauthentic product intentionally. Amazon wants invoice from brand which i don’t have. i tried calling them but instead of calling they are sending me system generated emails. i tried using call me now option but its not working because my country is not in the list. please help me i have purchased 4 products fo FBA 3 of them are stuck in the amazon warehouse and one is on the way. all my savings are stuck.”

“i tried to remove the inventory but its locked. i cant create a removal order”

The Amazon Transparacey Code program seems to be working, but there is still a disconnect with sellers thinking that Approval from Amazon means they can sell the product; it’s more than likely that this seller purchased counterfeit/knockoffs and was able to sell 150 units before they got shut down.
Without those transparency codes, their inventory and investment/savings are gone, an expensive mistake, it’s also likely that their account will remain suspended.


See, this is the trap. It isn’t the same product due to the brand name is my guess.

They should contact the shipper ASAP and have it returned to sender or redirected, otherwise they are unfortunately out of luck

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Same good advice…
not sure who AquaponicLynx is/was on OSF, but they nailed it.

"I’m sorry to inform you that just because Amazon Lets you list something, does not actually mean that the Brand has given approval for you to sell the product on Amazon.

Also, finding something that looks the same on alibaba and then selling it under some one’s “brand” name doesn’t float on this river.

It is unlikely that you are going to reclaim any of your inventory from FBA.

If you are able, you might want to divert the shipment that is currently on it’s way to FBA since once it is there, you probably won’t get it back."


They are here! @TCLynx


Thanks for the clarification; it certainly sounded like a Vet; just goes to show we have all the awesome experienced sellers here.

Let’s start a discussion next week and see if we can come up with a marketing/outreach plan to get more members. So much knowledge here which is not being utilized.


Yea, I’m AquaponicLynx.
I’m not all that experienced, only been on Amazon since 2019 actually.
BUT, I spent a lot of time on the forums learning/picking up tips and I make a pretty good Parrot.


Well, you give advice like an old pro; I’m glad you are here!! :wink: