New Seller Community: FAQs

New Seller Community: FAQs

Since launching the New Seller Community group back in January, we’ve received feedback, thoughts, and concerns from newer and experienced sellers alike. We’re thankful for all your input, and remain steadfast in our focus to help new sellers start and grow their businesses via the New Seller Community. To that end, we want to address some of the feedback we’ve received to clarify the intent of the group.

Why did we create the New Seller Community?

We formed the New Seller Community to create a safe environment for new sellers to ask questions and learn. We did this after receiving feedback from new sellers who were reluctant to post to the forums (or would stop asking questions after just a few posts) due to receiving responses they perceived as punitive when asking more basic questions. We want to ensure newer sellers get the support they need while also freeing up our more experienced sellers to discuss more advanced topics. We encourage all sellers to post any questions or issues they have within the forums, and the New Seller Community allows the option of asking beginner questions in a dedicated, welcoming space.

What benefits does the New Seller Community offer?

The New Seller Community creates the ability for new sellers to engage with other sellers of similar tenure, and create a community where they can get to know one another. It also offers dedicated Community Managers with over eight years of Amazon experience to help answer questions, solve issues, and post curated content with a focus on newer businesses. Sellers within this group receive same-day responses in most situations from Community Managers, who partner with internal teams to resolve issues critical to newer businesses.

New Seller Community vs. the broader Seller Forums experience

The new Seller Community is not designed to segregate new sellers from the larger Seller Forums experience. It’s simply an additional resource available to new sellers if they wish to use it. Sellers within this group can choose to post in the larger forums environment— the choice is solely their discretion.

What’s next?

A few experienced sellers have expressed an interest in helping new sellers by engaging with threads in the New Seller Community. We’re excited to hear this interest and are investigating potential ways to proceed. We’ll post more on this topic here in the Seller Forums when we have an update.

We value the breadth of knowledge—and willingness to share it—that our experienced sellers bring to the Seller Forums every day. We hope everyone can recognize how having a dedicated space for newer sellers helps them onboard into the forums experience, and to selling on Amazon in general. We’re immensely grateful to all of you who’ve shared your feedback with us, and are eager to continue growing the value of the Seller Forums for all sellers.

As always, please feel free to weigh in with any comments or questions in the comments.

Maybe down the line, they will select a few experienced sellers and allow them access.

Should be interesting to see what other responses they get to this post.


Felt were mean because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

There, fixed it!


At least it went the way I expected


None of them are wrong

Edit so who is the :-1: troll? Lol


Danika probably lol.


Also awesome

“This was a Forum between SELLERS!!! You FU.KED it up.”

“Trying to “sell” it under the guise of a ;kinder, gentler forum’ seems more like a talking/selling point, than one based in actual facts.”


This NSFE topic deserves a revisit ASAP.
Good stuff there!

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Steve@Amazon is getting pummeled with dissatisfied sellers… :joy:

This NSFE has definitely created an angry mob.

Some interesting remarks again about the New Seller Group.

A New Seller question to which I do not know the Answer.

"The worst advice I ever get for handling issues (especially those that put my account in jeopardy) come from Amazon Reps.

Participation is also dead in the forums. Amazon is reaping what they sowed, and new sellers are unfortunate victims."

"New Sellers Group - another thread discussing the same topic. It’s absolutely ludicrous not to be able to help new sellers. While some moderators may answer a few basic questions, they do not have the combined experience of veteran sellers to address the nuances of many rules and policies.

Quoting policy with links is always a good idea, but patronizing new sellers with soft fluffy words of welcome, instead of offering suggestions / advice from personal experience isn’t worth a tinker’s damn.

Amazon continues to poison every inch of this corporation with its silo mismanagement and it finally spilled over into the forums."

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Some additional responses and suggestions…

A New Seller question to which I do not know the Answer.

"I honestly feel horrible for new sellers. Having a forum for only new sellers makes no sense at all. New sellers don’t have the experience to give realistic advice to each other. Up until NSFE I used to make it a point to help new sellers out as much as I could. It took me years and a lot of questions on the old forum to learn how to do things right on here.

Amazon creates a useless forum yet even after several of us booksellers have begged, we still can’t get a forum just for booksellers. They make no sense. I can’t help but wonder if they get joy out of watching new sellers fail."

"Maybe create two more groups …

Experienced Sellers Group - for those with 5+ years of selling

Veteran Sellers Group - for those with 10+ years of selling

New Sellers ( 0 to 18 months ) and Up & Coming Sellers ( 18 months to 5 years ) could read in the groups but not respond or ask basic questions.

If the New Sellers Group is to help foster a positive environment for them, then the Experienced Sellers Group and Veteran Sellers Group would help foster a most robust, straight forward and open environment for the experienced and veteran sellers to deal with issues that effect our businesses in a more technical way."

"I do hope that was tongue in cheek.

I can understand book sellers wanting a group specific to book selling since that does have some rather different characteristics from selling widgets etc.

But I really see no point in creating exclusive groups that are viewable by everyone but outsiders can’t post there. Why would you want to force people to simply lurk instead of participate?"

" You must be kidding? I’m very surprised that you would even jest about dividing an already divisive forum (between sellers and the powers that be) even further.

Rather than having separate groups, every facet of the forum should be open to all sellers, but should be completely private and not available to every Tom, Richard & Harry, who has access to the internet. For years and years, many of us have suggested the entire forum be blocked from public viewing, but logical and practical suggestions, go largely unheeded.

No disrespect intended, but have you lost your marbles?! :face_with_monocle:"

" I completely agree, Booksellers should have their own forum. They’ve been asking for this for as many years as I can remember, but have been roundly ignored. It doesn’t need to be a closed forum, but as you correctly state, there are many aspects of book selling that are specific to the category and irrelevant to other categories."

[Why would you want to force people to simply lurk instead of participate?]

Sometimes to understand the problem, one has to experience the problem for the simple solution to be seen.

We are back to the school yard where a few people choose who gets to participate and who sits on the sidelines.

At our age, we think we have earned the right not to be put in time out because of someone else’s actions.

New Sellers Group and Handmade Group could have easily been New Seller Questions and Handmade Questions … both categories with related sub tags open for all to respond.

Where do Customized Products post to get specific questions asked on how customization works? Do they need a separate group like Handmade?

[I do hope that was tongue in cheek]

Not really … if the experienced and veterans are excluded from answering New Seller questions … what if New Sellers were excluded from asking questions for answers to the experienced and veterans? … it would make the forum totally useless and maybe … just maybe at that point the idea of open participation would be realized.

Any thoughts/comments?

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Agree, and what is odd, when Amazon started Amazon Handmade, they seeded the Closed, Private, Confidential, forum.

I think it was @Lake or @oneida_books that were one of the assigned “helpers” to guide them in the new Amazon Handmade mission. I do not recall, and there may have been others.

I joined handmade in the first two months after it had launched, being on the commercial side for many years. Spent a lot of time sharing, and I find traveling this year around the sun, I would like to share more.

Your concept has been done before, it was Aces, then Stripes. Every time they change the forum, and drop the “reputation” indicators it is a crap shoot. Who knows if the helper is a “dream” or a “dud” providing guidance.

Reference to a board game, Mystery Date circa 1965.


LOL! The things that bring back memories! Thanks for the chuckle.


TBT, I had it in my mind, it was “Dude or a Dud” but asked my life long business partner, and now wife, what was that game?

She had to look it up too, she remembered the farmer, was a “dud” that sort of irritated me, but it was a different time.

A movie came out in 1991 “Mystery Date” looks like a chick flick, guess what I am watching tonight…

Having a secured Handmade Group has always made sense, and if I am not mistaken, there was also a visible Handmade Community on the OSF.

I do like the idea of having a separate Bookseller Group because there are very specific questions, conditions, and rules that ideally would be answered by experienced booksellers, but IMO there is no need for it to be closed.

It is so ironic to me that Amz is trying so hard to push this friendlier Kopmbaja forum where everyone is welcome and united, but having this New Seller “exclusive” Group is definitely not going over well and is creating a lot of hostility.

Not even the New Sellers seem particularly interested in being excluded and, by the looks of things, have no desire to get to know other ‘New Sellers’ or the Community Managers. Do you think that they may be starting to get the message… :thinking:

This Let’s get to know each other thread was started 2 days ago with a whopping 2 upvotes (probably other Managers) and not one response from a seller. … :joy:

Do the Mods not get it? New Sellers come to the forum for instant help, and many come after they have spent weeks trying to get help from SS or have exhausted all other avenues, not to have a cup of tea and a friendly chat.

These are the type of threads they should be posting Learn How to Receive and Process Orders in the Amazon store and not just once; they could post or bump it every few weeks or months or create variations of the same/similar topic for newbies.

But without the Vets being able to participate, it is just another lost opportunity; there are probably a lot of New Sellers who won’t ask questions (I didn’t at first) because they don’t want to look stupid or are intimidated but would read and learn from all the comments and questions being asked/answered and with more participation, they may even brave the waters and ask for clarification on certain policies or procedures.


Well said here


That definitely deserves a thumbs-up …:+1: