New Seller Community

Let’s get to know each other

This group has been launched for a couple of months now, and we’re continuously welcoming more and more new sellers each week.

We wanted to take a moment to step back, introduce ourselves, and learn more about YOU. Please introduce yourself in the comments and tell us a fun fact or two about you or your business.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you all more as we continue to listen and learn from you here in the New Seller Community.

Comment below, we’ll start!

CR & Steve

My name is CR, find me at CR_Amazon within the New Seller Community and throughout the greater seller forums. I’ve been at Amazon for nearly 6 years, working with sellers in a variety of roles and responsibilities and absolutely love helping sellers grow and succeed with Amazon. Some of my most memorable times while at Amazon have been connecting with sellers, learning about their businesses and their “why”.

I recently relocated from my hometown Seattle down here to the hot, Phoenix, AZ valley with my wife and two dogs, Charlotte and Chevy. It’s already been nearly two years, and we are loving it! Outside of work, we love to be outdoors, finding all of the great places to explore here in Arizona. Have any suggestions for us to visit? Let me know below!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Steve (AKA Steve_Amazon within the Forums), I’ve been with Amazon for almost 3 years now. I started on the 1P side, managing Vendor’s business within Consumables, I enjoyed building relationships with my Vendors and planning/executing peak seasons such as Prime Day and Turkey day through Cyber Monday, always a good time! I have been active in the forums now for over a year and I very much enjoy engaging with the selling community on a daily basis!

I’m based in Arkansas and have been here for almost 15 years. Outside of work I enjoy everything outdoors, particularly kayaking, hiking, and riding motorcycles when the sun is out!

It does appear that the Mods are in the US, I thought they may be located overseas due to many posts coming in late at night.

Cute dogs!!

I wonder if any other Mods will post? The post is signed by CR and Steve, so maybe not, as it appears they are the Managers in charge of overseeing the New Seller Group.

They are probably trying to get their numbers up.


What tools.

I guess the job ad for moderator of an online forum had a mandatory “must love the outdoors”.

Oh wait, this is all bull-s, I forgot.

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I smell engage.


No responses yet - Let’s get to know each other, only 12 views, it should be interesting to see how many ‘new sellers’ actually participate.

Interesting that they were willing (or required) to share so much personal information. If I were a Mod, I would not have been.

CR is a great guy.
Steve is an idiot.

My 2-cents. I never thought Steve helped anyone and he always seemed like one of the ultra-clueless ones to me.


Let’s get to know each other

No responses yet, but we have a post from Danika_Amazon hoping to gain some traction.

It appears that nobody is interested in sharing about themselves or getting to know the Community Managers.

My name is Iris and I never go back to see what’s going on, period.


Today…up to 26 views (all us?), still no replies.
I kinda feel sorry for them.

This is what Amazon wanted


Probably most if the views are from the Comunity Managers and us… :joy:

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