‼ New VOC rules in Michigan

This actually could go in a different category, I’m not sure exactly where to put it, so for the sake of it I’m placing it here.

Just an FYI, I received this email from Walmart regarding Michigan, but of course, it affects all marketplaces


Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy revised state’s VOC regulations for household and commercial products by adopting Phase IV of the OTC Model Rule on Apr 18, 2023.

Covered Products:

Covered products include but are not limited to:

  • Household cleaning products such as disinfectants, sanitizers
  • Personal care items, cosmetics, and other health and beauty aids
  • Automotive cleaners, refrigerants, polishes, fluids, degreaser, and carb cleaner products
  • Fertilizer, plant food, pool chemicals, and other home, lawn and garden products
  • Aerosol paints and other paint products

I know that some sellers here sell products in these categories (among others @Sundance, @VTR, @Killebrew3, @maintak, @SawleMill, @TCLynx, @Default_Username, @TheOrangeCrush)

For people selling in Walmart, then this part may be important


Supplier Action Required:

  • Review MI VOC regulations and other states’ VOC regulations. Comply with the requirements.
  • If you do have any non-compliant product, please submit a Product Removal request via RetailLink within 48 hours and work with your merchant to place sale restriction on the products.

There are a bunch of links, including a link to the regulation


For any questions on the other links, I’m happy to share them if needed


I haven’t received this yet, and I don’t want to, thanks.

I don’t sell on Wal-Mart, but this didn’t impact us. As I understand all this, it is no big deal consumer rules if you are California CARB compliant then you will be good in Michigan.

The new MI Part 6 rules (effective 5/18/2023), which don’t impact me directly are going to probably add thousands of dollars to every new vehicle made in the State. So like yeah to that! Just another reason to buy a non-union 100% made in America Toyota or Honda. Instead of Assembled by a an overpaid Union employee from foreign parts.

For more information, Air Laws and Rules (michigan.gov)

I’m in the Lawn and garden area but everything I sell is fabric. Nothing that I would consider to be a Volatile Organic Compound.

I don’t resell cleaners, chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides on any marketplace.

And I don’t sell on Walmart. Won’t even go into one.

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We don’t sell most of the items, although we do sell oil change kits.

I haven’t heard about this yet. I’m sure the link will make lovely post lunch reading

I am hoping @SawleMill is correct and if we a CARB Compliant we are good in MI too. :crossed_fingers:

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I assume that just as Amazon does, Walmart applies geographic restrictions to products where there is a state regulatory prohibition.

They certainly do for the merchandise they stock in their stores.

This is a point at which I would normally add some statement which would be deemed by some to be political to my post, but I am not sure what my position would be. The issues are similar to the recent pork producer decision by SCOTUS which was supported by an ideologically mixed majority.

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