New Zealand National Emergency

The folks down in New Zealand are getting walloped by cyclone/tropical storm Gabrielle. I am close to someone who’s right in the middle of it, in a rural part of Hawke’s Bay. They’re up on a hill, so should be safe from the flooding, but emailed me a few hours ago that they are completely cut off, and without power, but otherwise ok.

They have emergency, battery-based back-up power, which only lasts as long as the battery, so our contact is limited until the power comes back on. According to what I’m reading, that may be quite a while.

So… thoughts, prayers, puppies, or unicorns… anything you’re inclined to throw the country’s way would surely be appreciated. They have declared a national emergency for only the third time in their history.

Hawke’s Bay is roughly here -

The news says access and telecommunications are completely cut off to this area, so they can’t get in to assess the damage yet.

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Prayers for your friends and all involved.

Believe it or not, we have a few customers in New Zealand. The most famous would be the underwater post office Vanuatu, New Zealand.

Though I expect based on the underwater location they are safe.


I had to look that up.

Devised over drinks by the local postmaster and a resort owner…

It figures. :laughing:

They’re only in 10 feet of water. Probably not safe from a hurricane/cyclone.

Are Cyclones normal for that area?

Any updates @Roxy ?

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New Zealand is now in recovery mode. Those I know there got their power back on after about a day and a half.

The thing that made it all extra awful is that they suffered incredible levels of rainfall in January. ‘Biblical’ levels, said one person’s first-hand account. The numbers are staggering. 10 inches of rain fell in a single day (back in January). It’s summer there now, and this was the amount of rain they usually get for the whole summer.

Within just 2 hours, 5 inches fell at the Auckland airport. :astonished:

January rainfall averages about 2.8 inches for the entire month.

And then, the cyclone came. :arrow_down:

Accumulations at Napier Airport (Hawke’s Bay Airport) reached 175.8 millimeters (just under 7 inches) over a 24-hour period from February 13-14. That’s more than three times the average amount typically seen during the entire month of February.

The ground was saturated, so trees were easily uprooted, and landslides triggered.

It was horrible, and a mess. So far, only 5 lives lost according to reports, but many areas are still cut off, and they fear it will get worse, and many survivors’ homes and businesses are buried under mud.

Some dramatic stories and photos.

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Global weather had definitely been odd.
70 in New York in February!!!


We had to turn on the air conditioner last night because the house was too hot for sleep. In February. :unamused:

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I have had my AC on for months. I leave the windows open to help fight GW.