News article: Amazon starts flagging ‘frequently returned’ products

I found this interesting.
I didn’t see the notice flagged on any items when I checked myself though.


Now they should delineate what they were frequently returned for, but that is asking too much.


I see a crappy review history for the Pro-Ject player but no warning. 3.8 stars is rubbish on this site IMO,

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When refunding I guess I’ll choose “General Adjustment” instead of “Customer Return” so the algorithm and I say on speaking terms. :slight_smile:


I suspect it based of customer return reasons, not seller refund reasons.

I also use “General Adjustment” frequently, but this is an Amazon project, so it might just use chicken entrails.

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Let’s hope they use some common sense and not hold shoes to the same rate of return as books or other.

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A new Black Hat Weapon. Awesome…

Now there will be orders returned to get the competition the frequently returned scarlet letter.



Or made to size rings cause every male thinks their wife wears a size 7 because the internet says so.

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At the same time, for some listings it may encourage the buyer to actually read the description or pull out their ruler before ordering.

and Amazon’s platform is rife with counterfeits and cheaply produced, low-quality, and sometimes deceptively marketed products bolstered with fake reviews. Having a visible warning that such items are usually returned

Right. Leave the garbage/scammers’ listings up, just put a warning label on them.

As opposed to ensuring that products on the site are NOT ‘counterfeits and cheaply produced, low-quality, and sometimes deceptively marketed products’.

but also could encourage retailers to be honest about their listings

Isn’t there a problem with a site who’s retailers are not honest about their listings? Shouldn’t this be a built-in requirement, rather than behavior to simply ‘encourage’?

We’re currently showing return rate information on some product detail pages to help our customers make more informed purchase decisions

Translation: We’re still peddling crap, but we added a warning to tell you it was crap so you can’t complain.

Very interesting article, and what I mainly got out of it was - Amazon is a sleazy company that shouldn’t be trusted. :+1:


Wait…doesn’t this just let Buyers know which items are more likely to get refunded? :eyes:

Were you logged in to an account?



Returned != refunded.
File an AtoZ claim you thieving jerks. I will restocking fee you back to Sears.

I spent most of the afternoon today processing returns. Dealing with all the scams and thieves never does good things to my mood.


I have recently seen a few detail pages where the bullet points are not immediately visible, but instead there is an About this item dropdown the buyer has to initiate to see the bullets. (This made more room on the page for competitor ads :frowning:

The bullets are the only place to put important product features and information that can help the buyer make appropriate choices. So, now they are starting to hide that and will flag frequent returns that could have been prevented (of course only for the buyers who read the page).

I have also gone in to edit bullets and descriptions only to find that tab completely missing on some items.The beginning of another new change to come?

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And of course Amazon is well aware that many buyers never read anything on the detail page.


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