Next Day Delivery to Puerto Rico

We received a Next Day Air order to Puerto Rico and UPS does not deliver Next Day Air to Puerto Rico nor does any other carrier. There is no way to exclude Puerto Rico from the shipping template, I believe (see screenshot). Regions are managed by Amazon. This appears to be a glitch in Amazon’s system. We reached out to the customer but received no response. Amazon suggests Priority Mail Cubic which would get there within 4-5 days. What do you guys suggest:

a) Cancel the order
b) Ship via Priority Mail Cubic which is Amazon’s “buy shipping” suggestion. It will arrive late.

Either way, we are potentially screwed and this will affect our Premium Shipping Eligibility. We reached out to Amazon to make them aware of the glitch but all they did was regurgitate back a canned response about how to cancel an order.

Puerto Rico is part of the United States. A cursory glance at the UPS website shows the following:

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I tried but UPS Next Day wasn’t an option for this customer’s address.

Try using variants on the address. PR addresses are somewhat finicky, and it’s possible it’s giving you this issue if it can’t resolve the address.


Yeah, I did try that. I went to too and it won’t let me choose Puerto Rico as an option. Also, the address has a PMB # which I think is the buyer’s way of skirting around the PO Box so they can receive UPS deliveries. Thanks for your reply.

Will Amazon Buy Shipping even show you second day air for the address?


No, nothing. Only Priority Mail Cubic for delivery on Friday if it ships today. Really frustrating. Thanks for your response.

In this case, it might be that in a dropdown you are selecting Puerto Rico as a country. Instead of selecting USA, and Puerto Rico as a state.

This occurs often when I buy things online and want them delivered for personal use in PR, but in this case it might not be the solution.


Also PR addresses are based on the Spanish way of addressing.

A nightmare compared to our standardize addresses.

I am now pretty good at figuring them out, so if anyone ever has an issue PM me, and I will try an solve


You know, you’ve hit on something really frustrating. I wondered whether holiday shipping deadlines might be affecting your PR delivery options, so I tried to check.

  • Only FedEx deadlines delineate specific PR deadlines, and differently from both domestic and international.
  • USPS deadlines specifically reference “lower 48” (obvi not including PR), “Alaska,” and “Hawaii”.
  • UPS only seems to mention PR for specific services, maybe.

So basically, PR is either in limbo, neither domestic nor international, or forgotten.


I would…

  1. Message the Buyer that unfortunately you must cancel due to a shipping glitch on Amazon’s end, and
  2. Offer that although you can not provide next day service, if they choose to reorder, you would be happy to upgrade shipping at no extra charge to the quickest service available.
  3. After making sure you have the relevant details recorded, cancel the order.

Thanks for the response. That’s good advice. That’s basically what we did and we got no response from the buyer of course. I’m getting ready to cancel the order here shortly.

And it is really frustrating. Seller support was worthless today and Amazon sets the regions for 1 day shipping, Puerto Rico being one of them but UPS won’t deliver there via Next Day. Makes no sense. We’re going to lose our Premium Shipping eligibility during the busiest time of the year because of one order and a glitch on Amazon.

Isn’t it possible for FBM to set a shipping template that only ships to the 48 states? If your default template only goes to the 48 states, presumably they shouldn’t offer premium shipping outside of that either if you just don’t deliver there.

Alaska/hawaii/puerto rico account for < 2% of the US population and probably less than that in ecommerce sales, so depending on your business it might not be worthwhile to have to worry about different carrier rules for that little revenue.

Obviously that doesn’t help you this time, but it could prevent future issues.


@Ready_Seller_1 has your PS eligibility been affected since cancelling?

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Thanks for following up. Yes, we lost premium shipping eligibility within a few hours but we appealed and have it back now. We were also able to fix the Puerto Rico issue from the 1 Day template. You have to delete Puerto Rico from Standard shipping and then it will drop off the 1 Day Regions.