No USPS Holiday Surcharge -- Pop the corks!


Just saw this on the supply chain dive newsletter. No holiday surcharge from the USPS this year.

On the other side of the coin, UPS is going to charge 5.9% more (but that date seems suspect)…


Thanks be to the God of Transportation and Shipping.

We were just about to raise our prices again… To cover “Free” shipping.


They should think about this. Our UPS driver is asking if we are ok, as in we are giving him less packages. This USPS Ground Disadvantage is eating into the amount of packages we are handing him.


The only thing new on the UPS rates is that it is coming a week or so early.

Like Ground Hogs day, I pop my head up after a long year of work at the first of the year, and “unlike” GHD, EVERY year without exception, both UPS and Fedex skies are dark, cloudy and filled with another rate increase.