Now "Generic" Listings Offer More Seller Control of the Listing than a Brand-Registered Listing!

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October 6, 2023

Get exclusive control of your generic listing product detail page

We’ve extended product detail page protection to generic product listings. Generic products are unbranded products that don’t belong to any identifiable brand.

If you create a new product listing with the brand name “Generic”, or its local translation, you’ll have exclusive control over any edits made to the product detail page, per our listings policy.

In certain cases, you may not be able to edit or make changes to existing generic listing product detail page, or copy the product to a different store.

If you try to edit or add offers on another seller’s generic product, you’ll receive an error message in feeds or in the one-to-one listing process. You will then be guided to create a new product in the Add a Product tool.

Existing policies for brand names and intellectual-property infringement continue to apply to all products, including generic products.

For more information, go to Product detail page rules and Amazon Generic Product policy.

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