NSFE: Amazon Handmade Easter

Not sure if this fits in this thread because it’s not a sale, but it’s spring related (Papy can just move it if there is a better place it could go.)

In the handmade forum we have a mod post with a link for promoting Easter items, except that it’s just a tiny strip of Handmade items buried under normal Amazon Easter stuff. This is my response I posted there because I’m just so petty and I know most of you dont go on the main forums or might even have access to the Handmade forum:

Why do you not provide a link that only promotes Handmade sellers? You really think people who will visit that link will scroll past all the non handmade things to find the one strip of handmade items buried beneath all the non handmade items?

Why not feature Easter items on amazon.com/handmade so that you could at least just share the Handmade Storefront link?

I guess it doesn’t really matter since you still don’t seem to want to promote Handmade on Amazon’s own Handmade social media channels like Facebook and Instagram?

Handmades Instagram has over 638,000 followers last post was June 7th, 2023

Handmades Facebook has 1.7 MILLION followers, and it’s last post was January 25th, 2023

All Handmade needs to do is throw up a few Easter items on the main Handmade page, and post the link on their social media. It’s like the bare minimum you could do, and it’s so frustrating that you think Handmade sellers are going to see any sorts of sales by you saying “Oh look here are a few handmade items buried under a bunch of non handmade items”…to the 10 people who actually visit this forum.

Overall I really feel like Amazon has gotten to the place of “We don’t have to do anything because we are the best”.


Oh my gosh, this isn’t a real post–it’s an ad. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They want Makers to post their “best seller item for Easter” so they can then claim that they promoted Handmade Sellers…at no actual cost or effort to Amazon.


LOL nailed it! Plus it’s disrespectful to try to pee on your leg (a silly forum post nobody sees) and tell you it’s raining (that Amazon proactively and widely promotes Handmade at their own expense).

Meanwhile MakerPlace by Michaels has spring/Easter ads everywhere. :eyes:


Day late and a dollar short …
Any promotion for online retail that is 6 or 7 days before any holiday is simply unprofessional.



I really am trying to follow the rules.

I think that Easter is not a major concern for many of the managers and executives at Amazon.

I suspect someone in or outside of Amazon would request equal efforts for Ramadan or Passover, though I have no clue what products they would promote.

And although it would not be me (though I am not Christian) someone would be highly offended.


When I go to the link, this is what I see, scrolling down:

Handmade items are the next to last section.

And I guess I don’t personally understand the category “Amazon and Handmade” for “mass manufactured item that is personalized with name” because I thought the latter would be Amazon Custom? :confused:


Amazon Handmade was a disappointment before it launched.

Back in those days, I had gotten some insider information. I lack the contents today but what I see listed is not what they intended to have, and it looks a lot like Etsy which is financially disappointing.

I wonder if it is deemed as worthy of any special attention, whereas Amazon custom probably appeals to a larger number of buyers/ Many of the B&M retail shops which would have filled this market need have suffered serious injury at the hands of Amazon.

I am not trying to put down the Handmade sellers but every other area of the site which is not mass market has suffered active neglect (as opposed to benign neglect) in the past few years.

As they sang on Sesame Street,

“One of these things is not like the other”


I got dressed this morning, and put on my handmade belt, slid my handmade wallet into my pocket, put on my handmade wedding ring, slid my handmade pocket knife into my pocket, and spent a moment winding my watch, also handmade.

But “handmade” on Amazon is just a box to check off for the investor community. Its not a marketplace, its a SHAM. It only exists because Etsy does.


OMG :open_mouth:


@ModernSwitch Every time I see your posts over there, I am cheering like it’s fight night. “yeah! yeah! You git 'em! Hit 'em again! That’s the stuff! Show 'em what we’re made of!”
Thank you for always holding Amazon accountable. I do my own complaining over there, but I admire your continuing input.


I mean, this says it all.


Sorry, but unless that data translates to revenue and profit, those bits of data are meaningless.

I have no idea if they do, but they do not for Etsy, and Etsy is doing a strategic review of what business they should be in.

Social media does not translate to profits even for social media unless it is paid advertising. And it is not solely followers which defines whether social media advertising is profitable.

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I’m sorry, but I think you missed the point of my post.

What those data tell those of us paying attention to social media as both promotional and commerce tool is that–despite Amazon Handmade having cultivated enviable social media follower counts (that other companies would certainly be using effectively to generate sales)–they have not even posted to those accounts in 9-15 months.

That is what’s telling.

  • Amazon has abandoned their Handmade social media accounts (but not other programs’ media).
  • Amazon is investing so little time, energy, and resources in Handmade at this time that they don’t even take the soft, passive, lowest cost path of posting just once a week on those accounts.
  • Amazon is no longer even doing the bare minimum for Handmade, much less putting in any meaningful effort.

Amazon ignores business areas which are not meeting their revenue and growth goals.

I guess we are not in disagreement, Amazon no longer cares about Handmade.

They have done exactly the same things to the Fine Arts and Collectibles categories since deprecating the categories would be admitting a mistake.

As I said in an earlier post

I am not trying to put down the Handmade sellers but every other area of the site which is not mass market has suffered active neglect (as opposed to benign neglect) in the past few years.

IMO Handmade is of little importance to Amazon, although it is to those who sell in the category. Contingency plans are in order. My contingency plan for collectibles was Ebay and it is working out for me. And it will need to work out for Ebay because they have been losing share of new, mass market products to Amazon every year.


It’s also interesting that they still stick the same song and dance about how awesome Handmade is lol. Any time I have concerns they are always “looking into it” but never really actually do anything.

They are still trying to get people to sign up to sell because I am seeing their ads for new sellers on Facebook.

It’s just like so weird why they need to advertise new sellers to sign up? So clearly they are willing to spend money. I’m just not sure what the “end game” is. I would think Amazon would rather entice people to sign up for a normal professional account ?

Sometimes I like to think Handmade was just some ceo’s side piece distraction project :joy: just collecting a paycheck on Amazons dime lolololol.

Clearly it’s making amazon money because it’s all cheap imports, I guess it’s just a simple line item on a spreadsheet and no one actually cares as long as it’s green.

I can’t imagine it’s a lot of money they pay to run handmade. I think maybe there is two Mods and maybe someone who writes a newsletter once every three months? Backend and tech is probably just another part of normal amazon.

It’s like a purgatory because I feel like amazon would have to spend more money to “shut it down” and it’s “successful” so it’s just a crockpot sitting on a back burner lolol.


Also shortly before they quit posting on Instagram they had posted some obvious imported from China crock shoe head lamps. Several of us sellers at the time commented about how embarrassing it was they would promote something so obviously not handmade and they ended up deleting the post.

So I can see them not wanting to spend time trying to vet actual sellers

A few months ago on the handmade forum they were trying to show off some new special something or whatever and used an example of a Lego Bob Ross minifigure neckless and I called them out on it. Not necessarily saying it wasn’t handmade (I’m sure that it was ) but just that it’s clearly violating all kinds of ip infringement and that they could have spent maybe 10 minutes looking for something that was truly artistic like a painting or a sculpture or something that could showcase an actual talent and not just someone gluing a eye hook to the top of a Lego minifigure.

But it’s amazon so it’s like least effort possible. Sometimes I worry maybe calling them out so much will bring unwanted negative attention to me or my shop. I suppose they could figure out a way to ban me if I got too mouthy? But that also probably takes effort.


Until Amazon decides to ignore a category there is a “category manager”.

Does Handmade still have a “category manager”? If so, promotion would be part of their responsibility.

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Googling in the past has led me to this person: Naomi Siegel - Amazon | LinkedIn Who’s name I have never ever heard mentioned before ever in any sort of Handmade communication. :woman_shrugging:

Also doing some more googling and found this person as well: Maeve Rule - Amazon Handmade | LinkedIn

LinkedIn doesn’t let me message them unless I’m premium and I’m not paying for that LOL. I ended up following both of them, not sure really if that does anything. I’m not a linked in kind of person LOLOL


And in the less than 1 year with a fraction of followers, Michael’s orders on many days has outnumbered my orders on Amazon. On average, Amazon is still the lions share for me but just shows what a little SM does generate.


Like I totally understand whatever it is they post it isn’t going to go out to 600,000 people. I know Instagram/Facebook wants their cut for advertising, and the algorithm wont show to all the people…Etsy has 3 million users on Instagram and the latest post only has 700 hearts. However, even if it is shown to a small fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a people…well that number is still higher than 0. It might only be one person, but it only takes one person to make a sale, or takes one person to win the lottery. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t play.

The point really I am trying to demonstrate is that Handmade has given up. There is no effort button for them to smash anymore.


It literally costs nothing to put up a business page - we have one. They don’t seem to be advertising the page so I don’t think they’re spending squat on it especially since they aren’t posting. They could actually have their Twitter (X) people do it if they really wanted to.