NSFE: Amazon policy very sneaky

Hmmmm… A SEAMod appearance (Susan). Is it really Susan?


Seamod has been posting within the last 60 days. I hope it is Susan. There were rumors being spread by someone that she was let go.


Let me start a rumor that Katie was let go or whatever her name is. Wrote her off in my mind so the name may be escaping me.

Forum seems to be a lot more active now then it was when the NSFE was first launched.

Not very entertaining though. Not much to learn either which was supposed to be the point.


New Sellers (post-OSFE) and spammers.


Amazon policy very sneaky

And SEAmod is out and about today – just a few minutes ago! Looks like she lives!



It just doesn’t FEEL like Susan. I mean this post is more human then post Amazon-Mod Posts. I hope it is her.


My opinion is they are manually posting and rotating in the seller forums box on the Seller Central page. I have collected some data that proves that, but I am sure @Dogtamer may have more empirical data compared to my anecdotal data.

Re Susan, it does not sound like her. I think we can all ID or at least get a feeling of who is talking in the forum, “in their own voice” or tone of prose.

She was warmer than the person known as SEAmod now.


That would take it to the next level of sleaze if Amazon is not only using her Mod account to post but also signing it with her name.

Perhaps she has been humbled so her tone is slightly different. Not sure why she would still be working there if that were the case but we don’t really know her.


I agree. But it is Amazon.

Maybe they made having the name “Susan” as a hiring qualification.

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Doubtful, methinks, due to the fact that Amazon has always played fast and loose behind the ‘close to the vest’ line.

There exists indisputably-clear evidence from 2019, during the earliest days of the AHT SME (‘Amazonese’ acronyms for “Account Health Team” and “Subject Matter Expert”) rollout, of multiple employees using the same posting handle at different times - in one infamous example, well-descried & immediately-complained about publicly by the old hands, three successive SME replies from the same forum profile all had different ‘Hello, my name is xxxx from Amazon, and I’m here to help’ salutations (and closing signatures to match).

Evidence of the same sort of an older nature than that is rather more opaque, but the pattern’s been there since the Seller Soapbox days of yore…

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Anyone named Susan was probably born before 1970, so would never be hired at Amazon now.


What do people scream when they see you coming, you know, like look out here comes!



Really? Suuuusaannnn! Oh, I just scared myself, that is scary.


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Hey, why not just ask her?

I would, but I vowed to never post on the dark side.
In fact for me, I used to lurk in Feb and March, but now rarely visit.

I also do not remember interacting with her much, but she was definitely a force.

Here are her stats, that I took before the OSFE went down. (as of Nov 11, 2022)


Wow. With great respect, you should get a job drilling down and recording data like this for a living!

Note; Most, when they use the ‘respect’ term, don’t actually feel that way. I do, that is one darn impressive table.


I would not shed a tear for kj or Quincy.

Quincy was a butt hole.

Kj was clueless. They thought once a post was flagged it was hidden and no one could see it. They admitted so in an email to me.

I was a fan of Desi. They did not copy/paste, and they did not sugarcoat. @Roxy


Kj was clueless.

KJ was a good guy, IMO. I had several PM’s with him before they took that away.

On my ‘oh please let ME fire them’ list would be Jim, Xander, and probably Wyatt just because. :laughing:

I was never a Susan fan, but defer to those who were.

Desi was freaking awesome because he had the desire, and writing skills to tell someone they were being a d-i-c-k, without actually being offensive.

Keep in mind that several of those accounts are staffed by different people at different times. “Gary” was definitely staffed by more than one person. The ‘Gary’ I communicated with extensively left Amazon, and whoever posted under the ‘Gary’ moniker later was someone else entirely. Note to @Diane

Was always a big fan of Bryces’. Don’t know if he’s even there.

Had LOADS of PM’s with him and he helped us out twice with 2 important things. He was like my little free SAS manager.

Bryce is what I miss the most about the OSFE. Would have missed all of you more but you’re all here so I don’t have to.