[NSFE] Entering a price lower than minimum fair price accidentally (Selling FBA can indeed be painful)

This just posted in the NSFE a couple hours ago and I saw it when we got home from eating out (again). I just always find more reasons why I will need to be in a nursing home before I ever consider FBA…

I don’t think there is a solution for this guy but maybe some of you FBA sellers will see a way to not lose their shirt, pants, and, other assets here…

"I accidentally entered a price of 40 cents instead of 40 dollars for a product and before I realize it ,in 16 minutes all my inventory of that product has been sold and I lost 6000 dollars. "


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I, too, doubt that there will be any relief to be found (an expensive lesson, that).

Far too many of us have never even heard of this age-old carpenter’s saw (no pun intended):

"Measure twice.

Cut once."


If it was an existing product with sales history, I wonder why pricing error didn’t kick in and suppress the listing?

Guess all it does is remove the buybox but not the offer.

I can’t remember

Since this is a raw rookie with exactly ONE POST I’m going with it being a new ASIN that they created.

I did just ask for clarification but I’m not hopeful of seeing an answer. There are an astonishing number of abandoned topics/posts where the OP never bothers to come back at all.

In a lot of cases that is for the best or my blood pressure would be higher than it already is since …

Make the same mistake FBM, and you can cancel all the orders. Of course, your account will likely then be shut-down.
Will vary by situation as to which is worse; losing $6K, or losing ability to sell on Amazon, even if only temporary (over the holidays!)

Dumb mistake is a dumb mistake; I don’t think it’s safe to say that FBA is the problem here.

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Yep … and is the reason we slowed down on answering questions … but then again, who knows … maybe these types of OPs get locked out before they can read any response that they get.

Perhaps so, but that paradigm - should it be imposed from Amazon’s side - would represent a significant sea-change from the historical norm.

Even with the advent of the NSFE, evidence continues to surface, aboundingly, which would seem to indicate that even members of our Seller Community whose SoA Accounts are under ‘full’ suspension (rightfully or not, as the case might be) continue to enjoy access to the ASF (“Amazon Seller Forums”) as a last resort.

There’s a reason why Amazon chose, shortly after signing the original outsourcing contract with Concentrix, lo those many years ago, to add the “Ask on the Seller Forums” option to this or that Seller Help Content workflow.

The abandonment of ASF threads by OPs, as most all of us here know, is certainly not a new phenomenon - it’s been a thing since the Seller Soapbox days of yore - but I remain relatively convinced that the vast bulk of such instances can be attributed to three main motivations:

  1. The OP didn’t care for the responses received (hence Katie’s abomination :wink:)

  2. The OP didn’t care to reveal their success in resolving the problem, perhaps in fear that doing so might give their competition a leg-up when facing a like situation

  3. The OP didn’t care to reveal their lack of success in resolving the problem, perhaps for fear that doing so might produce additional embarrassment


I had decided to skip that thread.

Did the OP indicate that they filled in the Min/Max fields?

Those fields are relatively new (several years, but still much much newer than third party selling on Amazon)

They were optional. And then they became mandatory. They were lauded as protection against this very thing.

There was a very similar disaster thread with very wrong pricing and lots and lots of orders.

Amazon response was that they should have used the Min/Max fields to prevent this (unspoken neener neener)

If the OP used those fields then it means that those fields exist ONLY as more hoops. ONLY to make things slightly more difficult for us.

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"I had decided to skip that thread.

Did the OP indicate that they filled in the Min/Max fields?"

There has been no response so far to my question about it being a new or existing ASIN – or anything else!

I suspect the OP may have had enough cash left to go on a ‘poor me bender’ and is sleeping off a hangover.

OR, they just didn’t appreciate the lack of sympathy from the two people who responded as @Dogtamer notes in his point #1!

At this point the NNIF (New NOT Improved Forum) has taken the place of reading Ann Landers, Dear Abby, or, watching Maury Povich at their best…


Yes. Not quite at the Darwin Awards level, but some approach this.

A recent one wherein the OP outlined steps to Amazon success as they understand it.

Step One: buy product on Amazon

It got worse after that. Somewhat incomprehensible in fact.

Tell me you don’t understand sustainable profit without telling me.

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And I don’t think they appreciated either one of our answers! :laughing: :laughing:

In case anyone wants their laugh of the day this one is a beaut and it appears that they were told by AMAZON to buy on Amazon! :grimacing:

"…When i spoke to an Amazon central rep, she said I have to do the following:

  1. Buy the items on Amazon…"


I recall reading somewhere that for FBA, there would be a “Low Price Alert” any time that a price was too low to cover the associated fees.
I never saw it in practice (I would sometimes price slightly low to move dead inventory, as it was better to lose a dime than pay for removal), and no idea if it’s still policy. But it certainly should have kicked in in this case.

But still best to not rely on automation to cover your mistakes.

For the NSFE non-clickers:

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Right, this isn’t an FBA problem, this is a “seller is stupid” problem. If you’re FBM you’re obligated to ship those orders or you’ll likely get suspended.

^ These fields exist partly to prevent errors like this.

No sympathy here. Either learn how to type/read properly, and learn how to DOUBLE CHECK important updates like prices, and use safety features like the minimum/maximum price features, or get used to taking stupid losses for no reason.

Worst part about this seller is they think it’s anyone’s fault other than their own. 4th graders learn about what a decimal point is.