NSFE: How I get LLC ?


I mean the first question is do you need an llc? Most small sellers don’t, esp if your going to be drop shipping.

Now liability insurance, that you need!


For those playing along at home, the correct answer to the question of how to form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) would be to contact your Secretary of State’s offices. Costs will vary depending upon the Individual State. You should (particularly if you have to ask) always seek the advice of a competent legal professional (A.K.A. an attorney) regarding legal specific legal matters.

There are legal and tax obligations, requirements, consequences, and liabilities associated with creating and maintaining an LLC. You should seek the advice of an attorney, and tax advisor beforehand to ensure you are aware of any and all issues related to creation, operation, and maintenance of a LLC.

Generally, a form must be filed with the state and fee paid, notice must be published as matter of public record and a Federal Tax ID # be issued by the IRS. There maybe be fewer or additional steps depending on your individual situation.

There are online resources that can assist in the facilitation, which can be used at your own risk.

Legal Disclaimer: This information was provided for entertainment purposes only. Neither the Sawle Mill nor SellersAskSellers.com are attorneys and as such the information herein should not be construed as actual legal advice, nor relied on. Neither the Sawle Mill, SellersAskSellers.com, nor their partners, affiliates, associates, successors, trustees, estates, nor heirs living or dead shall be held liable for and damages or liabilities which might arise from reliance on, in full or in part, any information or advice. Readers are advised that any reliance on any information herein is solely at their own risk.


OP: OK but WHAT IS the charges? Like in money cost. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously @SawleMill that is an amazing response, and I appreciate your time and skills for this. Marked you as the solution!


Using a company like Zen Business, or LegalZoom is basically pennies :rofl: I think about $350.00 - $400.00 usd. You can of course file all the paperwork yourself through government websites yourself at I’m guessing around $200.00 -$250.00

Trust me, the few extra shekels are well worth it. The whole process is extremely fast and seamless. :+1:


100% worth it. I think mine was $350 and that was 20+ years ago. Most lawyers are happy to do it.


Heck, in FL at least, it was pretty easy to do myself through the government web site. Gotta remember though, you have to file your annual report every year or your entity will no longer legally exist.


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The average filing fee is $91 (other incurred costs may be required) for 2023

LLC filing fees by State

  • Alabama $200
  • Alaska $250
  • Arizona $50
  • Arkansas $45
  • California $0 (until June then $70 - Note annual fee of $820 to maintain)
  • Colorado $50
  • Connecticut $120
  • Delaware $90
  • Florida $125
  • Georgia $100
  • Hawaii $50
  • Idaho $100
  • Illinois $150
  • Indiana $95
  • Iowa $50
  • Kansas $160
  • Kentucky $40
  • Louisiana $100
  • Maine $175
  • Maryland $100
  • Massachusetts $500
  • Michigan $50
  • Minnesota $155
  • Mississippi $50
  • Missouri $50
  • Montana $35
  • Nebraska $105
  • Nevada $425
  • New Hampshire $100
  • New Jersey $125
  • New Mexico $50
  • New York $200
  • North Carolina $125
  • North Dakota $135
  • Ohio $99
  • Oklahoma $100
  • Oregon $100
  • Pennsylvania $125
  • Rhode Island $150
  • South Carolina $110
  • South Dakota $150
  • Tennessee $300
  • Texas $300
  • Utah $54
  • Vermont $125
  • Virginia $100
  • Washington $200
  • Washington D.C. $130
  • West Virginia $100
  • Wisconsin $130
  • Wyoming $100

Note that in most cases you will need to file a report with the State on a recurring annual or bi-annual schedule with costs ranging from $0 (Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Idaho, Arizona) to $820 (California).

Legal Disclaimer: Data republished for entertainment purposes only, without permission from https://www.llcuniversity.com/ the author makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee as to the veracity, accuracy, timeliness or usefulness of the list above. This information should not be relied upon for actual fiscal business planning, projection, or modeling. Refer to your specific State for current, accurate costs. Any persons, entities, or businesses living or dead, real or fictious that rely solely on this information are imbeciles and better off bankrupt with dual degrees from the University of Boston in Economics and International Relations.


:hugs: Oh my gosh I was teasing you but DAMN MAN, you’re the GOAT with this!


It all depends on the state. It has been so long for our state, I can not remember what the original fees for our corporation were. They were not much, and the Secretary of State staff helped us do it ourselves in person.

We have done may DBA’s under the corporation, applied to the corporation, with the Secretary of State. They cost $25 for three years, and need to be renewed.

Again, the Secretary of State’s office helped us. Just 30 minutes to our north we always visit them in person. To put this in perspective, just 1M people in our state, and it is a small state. Works for us, may not work in NY or CA.

And just to rub it in, we have no Sales Tax or Income Tax. Though people like my partner and I volunteer in local government to keep it that way.

For us, LLC’s were not a thing when we started, that is why we jumped to a C-Corp.


Man California sure doesn’t want any small business to incorporate there, huh?

I have always assumed that California wants everyone to incorporate there. Whether you need to, or want to. Sort of like CA Prop 65 compliance by a small Seller in Ohiopyle, PA.

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No, we just want fatcats gladhandling more fatcats. The bigger the bakshish and the more paperwork, the happier we are.

The flip side of the dirty coin is Calexit.

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Of course triple the cost in CA just like everything else… :flushed:

Ok ok…time to lay off California. We have several members living there at this time, with a wide range of self-loathing. :wink:

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SELF- loathing? No, I love myself. It’s the … yeah yeah yeah politics.

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:hear_no_evil: TMI