NSFE: Incorrect products sold by other sellers under our ASINs creating customer complaints and bad reviews

Incorrect products sold by other sellers under our ASINs creating customer complaints and bad reviews

'We have electric products all of which are compliant with the US regulations such as UL/ETL certificates, 120V power plug, etc. However, some sellers undercut our prices under OUR listing and then ship incompliant versions of the same ASIN, i.e. the European version with a wrong plug, because they are much cheaper to source from the manufacturer. Ultimately and quite rightly the customers are leaving bad reviews. We cannot add our comments on these reviews as a legitimate seller. This is damaging our business severely and Amazon have not offered any solution despite our several tickets. The most severely affected ASINs are: B07NC6CQXF, B07NC6H6TH and B07WRKF57P."

Taking a look at B07NC6CQXF, it has 21 offers, some offered by Amazon in various conditions, plus 16 Sellers, almost all of them are New or ‘just launched.’ The item is probably trending on some app or drop shipping site.

Funny enough, I was talking to my daughter yesterday, and she told me a friend had just gifted her a very expensive coffee maker from Amazon that was delivered with a European plug which Amazon was replacing without a return; I know two other people who had this happen. Obviously, anyone in the US that orders an electrical item expects it to have a US plug, and with coffee makers, you can’t just buy a European plug adapter; you need an actual voltage converter.

Tons of complaints as well as on the other ASINs listed by the OP

It amazes me that sellers are that stupid trying to sell electrical devices that don’t work in the US.

Eventually, the new sellers may get hit with an ODR suspension (although, how many times do we actually see that); in the meantime, the listing and the credibility of the product will likely be destroyed.

It is also super annoying and, IMO, irresponsible that Amazon would even allow 9 ‘just launched’ sellers to list all at once on the same listing, which already has 7 New sellers as well as sold by Amazon offers.
Amazon should have some software in place to limit the number of just-launched sellers on any given listing.


I just cannot find any sympathy at all.


I mean the title does say 120v


I noticed all the new sellers on the listing are from Turkey, and some of them even appear to be shipping from Turkey with long estimated delivery dates. May not even realize that the ‘coffee makers’ they are sending are not compatible or have a different voltage, it just matches the picture… :person_facepalming:

I smell the next furminator


I was thinking the same thing.


Oh they know…
They believe there will never be consequences.