NSFE: MAI(Multiple account issue)

Just want to shout out @Medic and @Brigitte here! Both are balancing good advice with tough love for a newbie who has made an absolute MESS of things :woman_facepalming:

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  • SCREENSHOT: Best response, from today

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I’d second that, but I’ve been following the various Awais_amzn/GHY_Photama/A_K_official/EWAIS/AWAIS Express threads since 11Feb`23.

Methinks I smell a rat in VA’s clothing.

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That would make the absolutely senseless actions they have undertaken AEA (against expert advice), make sense.

Not good business sense, but just some sense

Man, HOW I do I love me some ‘SASsese.’


A most-excellent coinage, that, but full disclosure is in order here:

I shall henceforth be shameless in ‘stealing’ it for future use.