NSFE: "My account desactivated"

So, I just added this to a response on the NSFE to a suspended account that posted the same request for help for the third time in two months.

I’m wondering what the MODS will have to say about it since they were also tagged in there – أمازون


Side note …
He shopped in the jewelry store we worked in back in 2000.

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Having seen all 3 of those threads, I strongly suspect that the major malfunction here is lack of a firm command of the English Language.

The FMT-CMT could well remove the image of the late Ermey, but I strongly doubt that they’ll alter the text of your reply.

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I think there is a lot of that causing issues.

One that I responded to was a solid wall of rambling; I replied TLDR, and said to “cut the fluff and just say the important stuff”

The response was more “thank you so much for your time. It means a lot. I have a lot of things to talk about…” I don’t know if he ever got to the point or not; he obviously can’t understand basic instructions.


Yes, and it’s actually been a problem for much of the last 10 years in various iterations of the ASF (“Amazon Seller Forums”) - but it does appear that it’s become even more frequent in the NSFE.

I saw that 012523 NSFE discussion, where your response was the first:


I’m constrained to agree with your assessment.

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For the Never-NSFErs, this is the totality of the OP:


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Not once, not twice, but three times. Two months ago, six days ago, and then today.

I’m a fan of the late Zig Ziglar – if you keep doing what you been doing you’ll keep getting what you been getting…

Lee Marvin, among others, could give Gunny a run for the money - but when all is said and done, I suspect that most of my fellow jarheads consider him the ultimate “Hollywood Marine.”

Those of us who knew sand fleas on The Island tend to cast dispersion on that term (@ least, until we, too, climb Mount Mothafücka with a full pack like those recruits do) - but in my experience, both the ranks and the officers largely believe that R. Lee Ermey truly did the best he could do to promote The Corps, whenever, wherever, and whatsoever.

He deserved the jewelry, IMHO.

It was normally for his wife … very nice couple …

Well, there ya go.

His star turn in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket - which many a leatherneck considers to be the most-authentic filming of USMC experiences during hotter times amidst warmer climes back in the 60s & early 70’s - began the post-Corps career, in fields wide and diverse, which earned him and his the wherewithal to splurge on things that he and his better-½ enjoyed having, or gifting.

R.I.P., “Gunny” - you’ll long be missed in more than a few quarters of this mortal coil.


I suspect that our friend @Brigitte’s observation, in her last post to that NSFE discussion, is likely correct:


I strongly suspect that Brigitte’s take here IS the root cause of the difficulty because - despite you having done your best to point out in the 3rd discussion that both the Seller Community and members of the FMT-CMT have tried to help - I just ran across the OP’s fourth-created NSFE discussion (of 5Feb`24) on the same topic:

Hello account desactivated (link, NSFE)

If you cannot exercise even a modicum of command of the Language of Preference of any-given of Amazon’s two-score and more Global Marketplaces where you choose to make Offer-Listings, you are likely to find yourself destined to fail.

Amazon knows this, of course, but it seems the attractiveness of garnishing income from the unwary and the unequipped remains the bottom line.