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this forum is quite literally Facebook. Boomers and older talking
about stuff they are clueless about

I would like to tell someone where to stuff a banana but do not post on NSFE…lol


:laughing: no surprise that his post has been deleted


Does “NSFE” stand for “Not Safe For Earthlings”?


I missed that one. I could have suggested some places…

Sadly, A_Touch_of_Class_Bra’s had a string of posts and it turns out the store had actually belonged to her daughter who had died and she was trying to keep it going as a memorial from the sounds.

While I can sympathize with the sentiment I don’t know how she was able to pull that off since Amazon makes it nearly impossible to sell/transfer accounts from everything I have seen.

She cooled off after a post or two after originally telling a ‘buyer’ to basically go pound sand (someplace). :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Another good post…
Is anyone else tired of seeing all the new posts people asking for help, when they choose not to try first to figure it out?

by Green_Leaf_Organic

Well to be honest…YES But let’s get to the root cause of this. Amazon needs to make the USA selling venue for USA based sellers and not for the whole world to sell on. JMO Let them sell their junky garbage to each other instead of trying to make a meager living selling it to us, some of them might do alright but I still don’t care to buy TEMU junk on amazon.

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To be fair, I was weary of such an approach long before the Seller Soapbox days (and even before Amazon, or eCommerce itself, first brooked the light of dawn), as I was brought up in circumstances that prized sustainability far more than instant gratification in the prioritization of desirability & attainability - but I must admit that the standard NSFE fare has become particularly tiresome, to my way of thinking.


… which is like asking someone to tie your shoes because you simply don’t want to bend over and try? … there’s a thumbs down for that … (NSFE reality can be sarcastic at best)


I thought all of the newbie posts were to have been directed to the newbie boards (where more experienced sellers are not allowed to post, and the blind lead the blind) but it seems as though they have gravitated to the NSFE. Why?

Some dedicated experienced sellers do continue to try to guide newbies in ways that will not get them suspended or eliminated for life within a few weeks of opening their Amazon accounts. The dozen or so Amazon “mods” show up rarely, probably since the job looks as though it is an add-on to their real work, whatever it is.


Actually some of the MODS have been directing the rookies over to the other side because they can see the near total lack of decent information on the Rookie side.

More cannon fodder for those of us still sniping at them. :grin::grin::grin:

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But then the mods don’t HELP, so that’s actually worse to direct them to the newbie sandbox


This would kill Amazon’s growth.

I married a girl with a pure Polish mother and father, so she is bi-Polish. As a result, I live in an environment so clean, brain surgery could be done on our coffee table. Our home is white, chrome, and glass, and so shiny clean I need sunglasses if the blinds are not adjusted. Recall the space station scene in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Like that.

So clutter is strictly verboten, which means that trashy consumer goods are not purchased at all, as they tend to create clutter. The large screen I am now using hides when not in use by retracting back to the wall and displaying the art of De Kooing and Kandinsky. The laptop goes in a drawer. The printer is in a closet.

It is amazing how eliminating what some call “tchotchkes” can do for one’s mental well-being, but Amazon sells such stuff enthusiastically, most of it landfill-ready stuff only suitable for infomercials featuring the “ShamWow Guy” pitchman.


This statement is hilarious, but I will bet your not exaggerating at all. I was in a kitchen like this yesterday, dimmers on all lights cause anything above 25% requires SPF40

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I wake up daily to a cart full of “tchotchkes” because I live with a wife who adores the cheap crap…lol I am the exact opposite, I prefer to purchase quality items. I realize amazon makes money off the crap including my own. I just delete the crap in the cart and go on with my day and hope she forgets about it.

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I am not joking when I say that I think the main goal of the NSFE was to get rid of everyone who was helping, I think they want to slowly phase the forum out completely.


I agree, because it is nothing but a glaring megaphone pointing out the massive ineptitude and or mistreatment of 3P sellers.


That is certainly one possibility. The issue that I see going against that is if that happens they will have to hire thousands of more people in the ‘seller support’ (oxymoron) area.

UNLESS one of my wonderfully perverted theories about Amazon actually takes hold then

Amazon collects $40/month for every ‘Pro’ account. What if Amazon is purposely sucking people in, getting them to screw up because ‘support’ is so bad, and then suspending them with FBA inventory. Amazon collects the $40/month for the duration of the suspension, confiscates the items as counterfeit, and then ‘disposes’ of them cashing in AGAIN.

They ALREADY do a version of this by allowing people with Debit Cards on the Buyer side to open a Seller Account and then suspending them for not having a Credit Card. They could easily verify the card BEFORE allowing them to open the seller account but they refuse to do that.

There are hundreds of posts about that translating to tens of thousands of dollars going into Amazon bank accounts.

I would NEVER say that Amazon is the Devil but I suspect they are on the same branch of the family tree…:grin::grin::grin:

Will they though? I find it hard to believe the “person” responding to my cases works 24/7 7 days a week and gives automated responses. I think amazon is mostly bot driven now. Even the phone calls sound like they are chatting with an AI while talking to you.

Look at Instagram, Facebook bought it got rid of all the employees and made it 100% bots. I have a friend who had her account hacked and even though she could prove the photos were of her / it was attached to her Facebook account, she could not get a response that wasn’t a bot. She is still locked out of her account years later.


Had been for a while now

Yeah they have always just read off a script, unfortunately Amazon trained these call centers to do that and now they do it for ALL clients, not just Amazon. Calling any company today is nothing more then calling a plumber after hours and getting the “answering service”.

Yep, I have clients that have this happen, and there is literally nothing that can be done.

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Of course they won’t but the BOTS will feed into the conspiracy aspect of just skimming money from unsuspecting newbies flocking for the fleecing.

I got this in response to one of my answers today and I almost choked on my Diet Pepsi –

“I’m selling used books, mainly. I expect Amazon to be more upfront about this, rather than taking the fee then say “No, you can’t do that and that”…”

There really IS a sucker born every minute…

Don’t agree with that.

The forum reflects well on Amazon. Makes them look good. Like they really care and try.

Without, of course, having to really care or try.

They just don’t really want people to use it. Just to have it there to point at.