NSFE - Shipping- 1 Item or Multiples

There is no guessing about about his business model. How should we help him set up his shipping templates? We were thinking it might be better to start him off with his appeal template.

$2 base charge $4.99 per item = $6.99 for the first item and $4.99 for each additional item

Your not wrong, but as to not be mean, answer LOL

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Well maybe it could be a two for one kind of thing.

Here’s the answer to the shipping templates and by the way you might also be interested in this additional template.

I had the same thought when I saw their post, and I was tempted to post it as a reply. However, I then had the thought if they can’t figure that math out and think starting a drop shipping account on Amazon is a good idea, then maybe I shouldn’t waste my time :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I mean simple math is hard

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Since Amazon charges the category fee on shipping … a 15% category would be …

$2.35 base (minus 15% fee) and $5.88 per item (minus 15% fee) then yields
$2.00 base and $4.99 per item



Nope, $11.98 per 2-item order.

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I have no problem at all about giving helpful ‘hints’ AND being ‘mean’ at the same time. Issue addressed on the post.

I’m looking forward to what their appeal will say – "I had no idea I couldn’t do this’ or something more creative…


:laughing: But my VA!

I mean never aparently stopped me on the osfe according to most! No wait, I was just mean according to most!

All ize gotta say is the mods let my goodbye post stand as is and most even liked it, so maybe I wasn’t so mean afterall!


Well … we were mean according to our kids all the way up until the kids had kids, then that torch must have gotten passed. Got to love the power of the grandkids.

Think of it this way … by leaving NSFE, you passed your torch and it doesn’t seem as if the mods enjoy the fact that it landed in their laps … :wink: