NSFE: WHO from Amazon do you want to see at Accelerate 2023?

Wherein Blake strategically misses the point of the only reply



Yea right Blake… I’m sure Katie will be there.

This is the funniest thing I have seen all day. Well, maybe the second funniest…

Got this :arrow_heading_down: in an email from Amazon today. I want to meet the person that wrote this at Accelerate 2023 and show them what we are dealing with right now. Someone will have a lot of splanning to do. Total Horseshit alert below…



Too bad the Earth isn’t a customer. It’s treated more poorly than sellers.

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May I translate what Blake_Amazon wrote?

:grinning: “We’ll virtually consider attending”

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There are a few sellers that I wouldn’t mind meeting in the parking lot, to see if they would say the same thing to my face.

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