Nullify Production Time Field using Partial Upload

I want to handle my production time via shipping template, as most days I can ship same day, but would like to be able to modify it if I have an appointment or whatnot.

All of my ASINs have ‘2’ in the Production Time and I would like to delete it.

Is there any way to do this via a Partial Upload spreadsheet? I searched the instructions for a way to put in Null, Blank, etc. but found nothing. Thought I’d ask if anyone has wiped a field. Thanks!


You are referring to Handle Time correct?
The default be 1 …
Do a PartialUpdate setting it to 1 …

And remember you can set that by ASIN so they all do not have to be 1 or 2. So if something always takes a bit more time, you can leave it at 2 while setting the easy stuff to 1.

My issue is I want to be able to change it globally via the Handling Time in shipping settings. The ASIN-level number overrides that. So if I set it to ‘1,’ it’s always 1. If I delete that value, I can use the Shipping Template setting.

All of my stuff takes the same time, give or take, and if I’m home and working I can ship same-day.

I had this problem and to be honest, though it wasn’t that long ago, I forget exactly how I fixed it. However, I remember doing a partial update for pricing. The answer had to do with either leaving the handling time blank or filling in 0. Something like that.

Try doing a PartialUpdate with 0 … if you leave it blank, then the PartialUpdate just skips that field. PartialUpdates only update the attributes submitted.

If that doesn’t work, then set up a template using 1 and a second template using 2. Keep them on hand and use as needed to swap out.

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Yup, I considered this as a fall-back. I would just need to keep a template updated with all of my SKUs and run it when needed.

Update: Tried using ‘0’ and it didn’t work. Whomp. You’d think there would be some way to nullify or blank it out, but apparently only valid values of 1 or more will work. :confused:

Then the only option of deleting it would be to do an UPDATE but you would need to have all the attributes for each item and leave the Handle Time attribute blank. It wouldn’t be bad to have a completed template on hand. Going this route would require some effort up front but may have addition benefits later. If you have several hundred (or thousand) listings, you could break the listings into a few different completed category templates so it would be easier to manage as you add and remove listings from your inventory by category.

Or your back to that option of having a template for PartialUpdate with Handle Time 1 and another of Handle Time 2 to be able to flip back and forth.

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There is a way to do it with partial update. I know because I did it. I just can’t remember the whole process.

I think this will be the way to go - I just downloaded a report of all SKUs to give it a try with a few.

If you do remember, let me know. It looks like the only way would be to do a full update or a partial where I set everything to 1 or 2 and run it when needed.

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I found your answer: do a partial update for price and quantity by leaving the handling time blank but add product quantity. It will not remove handling time without entering product quantity.

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That worked! Sweet - thank you for finding it!

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Good one to bookmark …

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One added caveat (just tested it): If you’re someone who flips between FBA and FBM, if you do this to items in FBA it will flip them to FBM. So only run it against current FBM items.

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Or keep an eye on them and flip them back. :grinning:

I just ran an inventory report that included the fulfillment - loaded into Excel, deleted the Amazon ones and copy/pasted the FBM ones. :slight_smile: I have way too many, it would have taken me too long to flip them all back.

I suppose it’s fine to do it only to FBM inventory. There’s no point in doing it for FBA inventory.