Odd mod comment

There is no way to restrict Amazon from selling your items or any other seller that may purchase from you as Amazon is an open marketplace.


To say you can’t restrict anyone from buying your product and reselling them in the same condition on Amazon?

I guess sellers can ignore IP violations and brand registry is ■■■■■■■■

Mod said it’s perfectly fine

Seems about Amazon right now:

For non-NSFE readers:


I have one. :raising_hand_woman:

Hey Michelle, how are you still employed with Amazon, when you don’t know what you’re talking about? :thinking:


Case in point:

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/70a69c05-aef4-400b-8523-41723ef30714?postId=2e4efb3d-b8b1-4827-89c7-645d7dc6a7f2

Michelle is apparently unaware of the extension of Premium A+ Content capabilities (Brand Story, etc.) to 3P Sellers who are members of the Brand Registry 2.0 (3.0/4.0) Program some years back, as is illustrated in the SHC’s A+ Content (link).

To be fair, it must be admitted that Amazon has always played fast and loose with its nomenclature, and the lines between what was once known EMC (“Enhanced Marketing Content,” available exclusively to 1P Sellers/Vendor Central Program members) & what was previously known as EBC (“Enhanced Brand Content,” designed to accommodate 3P Sellers in the Brand Registry Program) have become increasingly blurred since Amazon’s 2019 decision to consolidate terminology under the broader term “A+ Content” - and it is true that 'Premium A+ Content" originally referred to 1P capabilities, solely, AT THAT TIME - but time marches on.

Yet another example of the ills inherent with employment of the Silo Manglement Management Model of Bureaucratic Administration…


I genuinely suspect this Amazonian might be a bot that scans the internet for answers, not able to consider source credibility or whether the info is up to date.

While that’s certainly a distinct possibility in these days and times of Amazon’s embrace of GAN-based AI implementations & evident lack of transparency in just which Amazonian employee is operating a FMT/CMT/AHT SME posting profile @ any given time, I must admit that - being familiar with Michelle’s All-Time ASF Posting History (link) - I’m leaning more towards the latter than the former.

There’s a reason why this paean to Michelle’s ‘personal help’ was posted over in the NSFE a few months back, and I honestly don’t believe - yet - that it was just because it offered up the opportunity for the mods to pat themselves on their backs:

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/335ad171-fe32-4225-840e-600216d1786c