Oh My and LOL - Question on Human Parts & Burial Artifacts Policy


Question on Human Parts & Burial Artifacts Policy

I make a number of custom items. One of my products is an ash keeper. Basically if a customer orders this product they will need to send me 1 tablespoon of ash remains which I then fill a small glass vial, encase the vial inside epoxy resin with name & important dates (birth/death) mounted to the resin.

My question, would this be an acceptable listing? It is safe to mail ash remain through the USPS

  • The United States Postal Service® offers
  • Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail Express
  • International® service for shipping human or animal
  • cremated remains domestically and internationally.
  • Whether you are shipping the remains of a loved
  • one or a pet to or between family members or to
  • an artisan to incorporate the remains into blown
  • glass or other works of art, this publication is
  • designed to provide the necessary preparation and
  • packaging requirements that will aid in protecting
  • this special mailing during transit.

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Amazon will not work for this business model. Heck eBay wouldn’t even support it and I doubt it would work for etsy.


I would tend to agree with @Pepper_Thine_Angus on this one.

If I were you I would start hitting up every funeral home within 50 miles of my home base and present them with what YOU would charge them to do this as a service. THEY will mark it up and promoted the heck out of it as a ‘value added’ service that THEY provide for the families.

Cremation is getting to be a big business and you can develop a clientele step by step as the area you look to expand into increases.


OT, but I got a USPS Priority Mail box from and address I did not recognize in South Salt Lake City a few years ago. It was heavy, and I could not recall having shipped a book there, thinking it was a return.

It turned out to be Mum’s ashes, so the USPS seems to have no problem with shipping such items.


They don’t, your correct. They even had a special sticker for it (may still).

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Yeah… this is a service that a funeral home needs to offer. For one, this type of thing falls into the same category as fancy urns or what have you. People are most likely to spend a lot of money on them while they’re at the height of grieving. And the process is way too complicated for an Amazon item. A funeral home will handle the remains and present the family with a finished and neat/clean package. Expecting people to measure the appropriate amount, bag it properly, and shipping it to the seller is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Why not include veterinarians too? Many pet owners have their departed pets cremated. I have done just that with several of my pets … … Mine are in polished wooden boxes. An alternative option would be nice too.


I always found saving ashes a little creepy. We always go with the group cremation / sprinkling of the ashes wherever or if they even do it for our lost fur babies.

Also, it’s 5X more expensive here in NY to do a single cremation.


I’d rather spend the money getting the pet stuffed vs cremation. At least that way you can keep em (at least their likeness) forever.

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You should read this book:

Well, there’s always RePet!

(This actually exists btw, somewhat, the real life equivalent is called viagen pets)

What actually crazy is this movie is set in 2015 (filmed in 2000), and Viagen pets opened in 2016

My developmentally disabled sister misses the cats and dogs too. When she visits my house, she pats the boxes and says “hello” to them. I miss them too and I’m glad to have them near.

Yes, a single cremation is more expensive but not prohibitively so–yet. Before cremation, they do paw prints in wet plaster and give you the cast. You can paint and/or decorate the cast to help preserve the pet’s memory.


This we do. They are all done as Christmas ornaments and we hang all of our departed souls on the tree every year.

That reminds me. Need to do Ollie’s!

That little monster is getting used to my Mother in Law now that she’s back for the winter. First 2 days were not good. He went on a hunger strike. He’s warming up to her today and he’s eating again.

Such a sensitive little guy… Any disruption in routine and he loses it. He’s like me. LOL


And a box. And instructions how to do it also.

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This feels more like a service than a product, even than Custom or Handmade, because the Buyer must send you something first. This might rule Amazon right out.

But if not, I dove into Help a bit:

  • Human Parts & Burial Artifacts (consider that mailing back the item to the Buyer then becomes “human remains not for medical purposes”)
  • Amazon Custom only allows four options: text, image, notes, and product configuration. No option allows for shipping something to the Seller first.

Not sure if @Handmade regulations might prohibit selling “products” requiring human DNA submitted by the Buyer. :grimacing:

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I would think that, if this could be done, what would be needed would be a kit to ship to the customer, with all the tools and packing materials needed to send the cremains to the seller. I have no idea if that violates any Amazon rules, but I feel sure that e-mailing the customer instructions to ship the cremains before actually being able to ship them anything certainly would not fly.

Regardless, I don’t think that Amazon is really the place for such a service. But I’m not gonna get involved in that thread…


You actually nailed it. He can sell a kit, no different than how companies sell those dog DNA test kits on Amazon. He sells the kit, kit gets shipped to customer, Amazon transaction complete. Rest of transaction happens off Amazon.

I would imagine some kind of measuring spoon would be ideal for this type of product too, since too little isn’t enough for the product, and I’m going to assume that people don’t want to send too much and have the excess thrown in the trash. Something like this needs to be done fairly precisely.


They will and do ship creamated remains, as Pepper mentioned there is a sticker you can put on the packaging.
USPS lost a dear friends’ moms ashes a few years back. Took them quite a while to locate them.

I (sadly) have 18 boxes in my office here at home. Ironically it’s the most peaceful room in the house. Wooden boxes, paw prints…
I’m hoping some day pet cloning will become a thing. I’d reincarnate every one of my sweet babies in a heartbeat.


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