Oh New Jersey, don't ever change

I rarely get obnoxious customers on Etsy, but IF I do, there’s an 7/10 chance (literally) they’re from New Jersey. No idea why people can’t just be nice, but here we are.

Got this gem yesterday (Monday, President’s Day):

The tracking says my order was delivered AND it says it is available for pick up at the post office. Well, it certainly was NOT delivered to my house and I really do not want to go to the post office to get it. I don’t want a refund OR a replacement. I would just like my pictures

As we all know, the post office was closed on Monday, hence no delivery. I nicely responded that the post office was closed and they must have scanned them in error. That they would likely be delivered the next day. And they were. Now she loves them and wants to exchange for a larger size so SMDH.


I guess we all have our geo locos. Mine are in NY. I get it when buyers don’t like my stuff but no need to go nasty mean.


Born on LI in NY
Educated in GA
Married in NJ
Live and will reside in GA.

Other Islanders will understand the above.
Pretty much, no snow. If it does snow, it’s a state wide emergency and we are closed for business.


I’m close!

Born & married in Upstate NY
Lived in GA (11 years), IL, PA
In TX now for 9 years - we shut down for 4 days a couple of weeks ago for ice

I miss GA - if I could go back there I would.


I am just stupid. Always lived in cold climates.

Born in NYC

Grad School in Chicago

Back to NYC

MA (longer than any other state) ME, NH

My NYC and California buyers from Entertainment related items are just great. Easy to deal with.

There are very view problem buyers and the usually are cheapskates trying to get a better deal after the sale, or buyers who did not know what they are buying, in spite of great descriptions and lots of pictures.

But there is always an asshole. Like the buyer who asked if an item I listed as very good with no specific defects and 6 pictures was complete/ I guess I could say it was better that the asked than if he didn’t but this 100 year old item was better than its grade and the photos showed it.


I actually love (and miss) the cold. It’s the months of grey I can’t handle. Oh, and 3 years in Erie, PA, made me never want to see a snowflake again ever in my life.

Born in NYC. 6 years in Chicago, and it took 20 more years to thaw out.
9 years in Columbus Ohio, where the motto is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.” SoCali since 1980. I do not miss the cold.


Born in Indy, grew up on Eastside suburbs, live on NW side within 465, when son graduates high school want to move to ocean front… but might be a forever middler. Lots of beautiful places I’ve visited throughout this country, but always end up Back Home Again in Indiana.

Yes, in the midwest we can have all 4 seasons in the same day.

This week was odd seeing Cali buried in snow while here was sunny in the 50s/60s and 72 today!