OK, who can decipher error messages for me on Walmart

Trying to do the spreadsheet method.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 190201
That’s what I get

The size of the file is “small enough” to be under the 5 MB max.

Even one line of product isn’t working.

Excell gives me an error like it wants to recover the spreadsheet. Thankfully I’ve saved saved and saved.

When I do one item through their add one item, it published like immediately and that went smoothly.


Wish I could help you out. It took us 6 weeks to set up 4 listings on Walmart with the help our our incubator helper at Walmart… Nightmare…

@Tallytony - Can you help here by any chance? Much more of a Wallyworld expert than I am…


Not really. I’ve bulldozed my way through Wally.

@doilyboutique444, when you go to the “activity feed” what error is it showing? On the far right of the screen there should be an error report

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There’s nothing in the activity feed because can’t get it to load to even send it to create a feed?

Oh, sorry. Was half asleep yesterday (party animal that I am, it was 10 pm one a Friday, time to go to bed :joy:)
Can it be a browser error? Maybe clear cache and cookies?
Walmart sometimes (at least daily) fails to load and the page crashes. Ad Center is even worse, with the link not working 30-40% of the time.
Are other uploads working (like inventory or shipping templates mapping) or is it just the new product template


Silly question. If this is your first time trying to upload there, are your sure your Excel file is in the correct format? Your image says it must be XLSX, so if you’re using an older version of Excel (XLS format, no X), it could explain it.


Excel gives you some kind of error? Can you screen print it?

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I was thinking the same thing. This sounds more like an Excel issue than Walmart.



Good catch on the XLSX – the file had a XLSM extention.

Amazon is driving me nutso today too.

I had this $hit down pat…before…and yep, my head is cussing up a storm.

Whew…deep breaths…


I’m getting MUCH closer!

Thanks to seller help, there’s another place to upload a feed and not in the screenshot I shared earlier.

This time, it checked the spreadsheet and made it’s way down the columns and said “fix this” and fix that. So now I wait…

I will be an expert again soon … AND then I can do the other two patterns I’ve been holding on to and procrastinating. Better load them up while I remember HOW to do this.


Walmart figured out. Now to add the correct images…10 edits per hour, right?