One way that orders and packages get lost and misdelivered

Came home this afternoon and went to the front door to check the mailbox. When I opened the door, I saw a bag of food from a local restaurant sitting on my front porch. I hadn’t ordered anything. I picked up the bag and saw that it was for the next door neighbors. I also realized that it had been sitting on my porch all night. My neighborhood has people coming and going, I often hear car doors slamming and think nothing of it. Last night, I heard nothing out of the ordinary. No one rang my doorbell or knocked on my door. My porch light was not on. I got in touch with the neighbor who finally came over an hour later.

This is not the first time that I have had lost delivery people in my yard who are looking for the address next door. One time I heard something outside, turned on the light and there was a lost young man holding a pizza box in my yard. I’ve found boxes from Amazon and Wayfair on my porch that are not addressed to me.

The real problem is that the number on the neighbor’s house is hard to see, the gate is hard to open, and house looks like a garage and sits back further than others in the neighborhood.
It’s difficult to find the address especially at night. I’ve been a nice neighbor and gotten the misdirected packages to the neighbor’s house. The current resident owns the house and should be taking more responsibility to see that her house is properly numbered and visible to delivery people but she is not. Especially if she’s ordering food for delivery after dark.

Anyway, the pizza on my porch had been sitting outside for too long and was no longer edible

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Wouldn’t it be easier to leave a note on your door? Something general…

Hello Delivery People!

This is * NOT * house number (neighbor’s address). They are in the building to your (left/right) that’s set back from the road and looks like a garage.

Add a printout of Google Maps street or overhead view with the neighbor’s house circled

That way, the deliveries should go to the right place, and you no longer have to make an effort to redeliver. The neighbor gets their food when its fresh, the delivery people aren’t left wondering if they found the right place, no one gets penalized for non-delivery, and with time, the delivery companies should learn where the neighbor’s house is.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, they’ll even add ‘address xyz is NOT the blue house, but the green one set back from the road that looks like a garage’ to their internal notes system.

It seems like everyone wins, and I bet the delivery folks would really appreciate it.


This! IMO many buyers need to take more responsibility when ordering delivery goods. I had one yesterday where buyer complained about delivery being held at PO. Postmaster said they could not deliver because of dog issues. Another recently with mailbox fallen off post. Personally if the neighbor would not up their game for insuring their delivery, I would be having a large deniable Pizza with extra deniability.

ETA if you’ve seen “A Man Named Otto”, that’s me with a living wife. :rofl:


Might I recommend the following items when combined correctly might alleviate your issue…

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Or even more important, what if they have a fire or medical emergency!!!


My small neighborhood has the address number on every mailbox and also on the home itself. Amazon and food delivery people still deliver to the wrong address. Can’t fix stupid.


Sounds like solar spotlight time


Suggest to your neighbor to put a house number plague on the gate (assuming the gate is where it can be seen easily by the delivery person), even just a piece of board with the number painted on it should do the job.

That way, even if the delivery person can’t open the gate, they can leave the package/food by their gate, instead of your front door.


How often does this neighbor call up restaurants complaining they never got their food? If 2 hours go by and my dinner doesn’t show up, I’m gonna be pretty annoyed. It seems unlikely that they didn’t notice their food went missing and just waiting until the morning. These orders are probably either redelivered or refunded while the food sits in front of your house.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will speak to the neighbor again and try to help her find a better solution for future deliveries to her address.

The original intent of my post was to try and show how some delivery orders get lost and mis-directed due to some properties having poorly marked addresses or inaccessible entrances.

The “house” was designed and built about twenty years ago by an architecture graduate student as part of his Master’s project. From the outside, it looks more like a studio or garage. Architecture students often design a structure around a design concept or a theme. They usually don’t consider the practical or functional aspects of the structure. That is what happened with this “house” and the fence that surrounds it. (Or did surround it). The structure has numerous design flaws and construction errors. The yard and remaining fence demonstrate poor planning.

When you look at the front side of the property from the street, you notice an expanse of grass. There is no visible sidewalk, pathway or driveway leading to the fence. A first-time visitor, especially one who arrives after dark, is confused and unsure where to go. A worn patch around the gate is visible during the day but what about nighttime? Next is the fence and gate. Where is the entrance? A major portion of the original fence was blown down during windstorm and has not been replaced. The property owner was quoted an astronomical figure by local fence company and is still trying to find a lower price. A fence is needed because the property owner has dogs that must be let out.

How does one get through the gate? Here is a photo of the current makeshift gate. Can you figure out how to open it?

The “latch” looks like a makeshift solution for a farm property, not a city property. Also there is no light around this gate. Can a delivery person figure out how to open it in the dark?

These are some of the problems I need to help the neighbor solve. I don’t want to continue having random packages tossed on my front porch at random hours.

Thanks for listening.


If I had money to order food delivery and pay a decent tip (which I always do for underpaid food service peeps) I would put a new gate on my priority list. Just sayin. A wily goat could probably not open this gate which says a lot.

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If the gate is positioned anywhere towards the front of the property, she could post a large sign with her street number on it and then perhaps mount a trough/box to the inside, where packages (not food) can be dropped (gently) but not retrieved by thieves.

As far as food deliveries? Wow, I’m not sure, outside of better planning and taking responsibility. :grimacing:


My daughter sometimes delivers for Uber Eats and says their GPS location maps frequently takes her to the wrong place. She is smart enough to find the actual home/business to deliver accurately, but I am guessing a lot of drivers just drop the food at whatever building the app tells them and moves on.

My previous work address was always difficult for drivers to find, so I would track the driver and wait outside for when they arrived to make sure I got the food. Knowing drivers regularly could not find me, I would make a point to only purchase food from companies that I could track drivers. I had the same problem with Papa Johns at my last house (no clue why they always got lost) and had to call them or go outside to wave them down. People that know their houses are difficult to find need to proactive to make sure these drivers find them… :slightly_smiling_face:


Just spray latch with some of the left-over glow-in-the dark paint, from stenciling the address on the curb (and fence, and house).