Online Ad Monopoly

I am not sure what to make of this observation.

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Well, it’s Google testimony in federal court about whether Google has an advertising monopoly, so…grain or two of salt, my suggestion.

But it’s still interesting, though.

Personally, I have never advertised on Google, but I have on Amazon. :woman_shrugging: FWIW, my products were topline search results on Google organically, though.


I believe it. Our CPC went from 89 cents to over $2 in 2023 to get the same exposure.

Sellers are spending whatever they can or even shouldn’t chasing every nickel while spending a dime to get that nickel. It’s pretty sad.

Thankfully our TACOS (including the guy we pay) is under 8%. Used to be under 6.

It’s all about getting creative now and using the some of the new and more obscure advertising opportunities Amazon offers when they are newer and less used, and thus, less expensive.

This is precisely why we outsourced our PPC management to someone who just hangs in that silo.

Google lost us as they made a change to the way the system they run implements ads. I think it was a year ago now. One of the other Handmade Sellers had the same issue we did. One day they just started automatically charging even though we had it shut off. They had two ways to shut it off, and removed one of the ways.

A email shows up for hundreds of dollars, they were going to debit. I argue, they tell me, if I send them bank statements showing past Google deductions for ads, they would consider, but not promise to remove the charges.

Our Bank supported us and put a hold on the transfer. Google had direct access to the checking account. I renewed this hold once, I think it is due again to be renewed.

Never Ever going to use Google again.

Now on Amazon,
No transparency, no accountability, no detailed information on ads. We spent a lot less this last Chinese New Year. Must be the click farms were shut down.

We are using them very sparingly, our profits are up, quite a bit. Though we have established brands, and I think that helps. We did do some back to school ads. Shutting them off when it ended.

I just wish I could look at click fraud as I can with google using other tools watching people on our own websites.

In general we are not using Amazon Ads any longer. The green bar is mega bigger than the red bar.

Let’s face it, iOS update for privacy screwed it all up for Social / Google Advertising.

Meta seems to have found some creative ways around it if their stock price is any indication.

Years ago, when we first started, we had really good success with really crappy ads on FB that I made myself in Microsoft Paint / PowerPoint… Big, big ROI’s. I thought to myself - this is too easy…

Then iOS 14 rolled out and that was that… Tossed in the towel.

About to pull the towel out of the dryer again by the end of the year with people that actually know what they are doing in 2023. We shall see.

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I think that Amazon is in enough businesses that one can point to Amazon stealing customers from any business.

I suspect some of that advertising revenue Amazon is taking from Google is on services like Freevee. I watched a few minutes of a Freevee movie before I got fed up with the ads.

I expect Freevee ads will boost Amazon revenues. With search ads losing effectiveness, and the TV networks with nothing on their schedules due to the strike, manufacturers will opt for cheap ads on Freevee and other services, spend less overall, and see results which are not any worse than network TV.

Slightly off-topic - I believe network TV will never come back if the strike lasts another 3 months. And the FTC will blame Amazon and Google.

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More advertising for goodle to point to

As well as the successful instacart ipo

Knowing the limits to the value of a company which is selling labor are, Instacart amended its business strategy to include the sale of advertising as a major contributor to revenue.

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So…Prime members already subscribe to Prime Video, but now Amazon wants them to subscribe even harder?

LOL the Music Man…

Got to make up the money that buyers going to Temu and Shein are spending there.

Other news in today’s journal was Amazon has not decided whether to act to compete with them.

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