Order ID redacted?

I just received a 1-star review stating that the item is coming apart and that they tried to contact me, but I didn’t sell this item in the timeframe stated (would have been in December when I was not offering it) nor do I have a message that I have not responded to.

Why would the Order ID be redacted? The review has the verified purchase icon. It is near impossible to match the reviewer name shown with the actual order name. They don’t usually match.

Any experience with a Redacted Order ID?

Go ahead and send the message. Once the message is sent. You can go to your sent box in messages and see the order ID and yes select customer support

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OK, thanks.
The ID now shows in the message window.
Was hesitant to send the message without being able to see that information.


Ha! my first solution on these here fine forums! :joy:

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Yup… How stupid is Amazon that they redact the order ID but then give it to you in the email to the buyer notification? LOL

With that said, they may not want to just hand it over without a message to the buyer so there’s a paper trail that you have it just in case something happens…


The order is from early in November (so that is why it must be redacted - just over 3 months) but there wasn’t a message. My reply (the auto generated Amazon message is cringe and useless) is a fresh start with that customer. We’ll see if they respond to allow me to try and fix the situation.

Oh to be able to actually provide real customer service.

But we can’t have nice things on Amazon. No customer service, no useful seller support, and now no mostly useable forum.